why do some babies come early? Ali *Mummy to a todding t 1 child; United Kingdom 518 posts
Dec 24th '08

OK, so this is probably a really stupid question but I'm just reading all this stuff about women who induce and I was wondering, why do some babies come early? Me and my sister were both 3 weeks early and my brother was 6. And we all came out of our own accord, my mum did nothing to try and bring a labuor on, but we all had something wrong at birth. My brother had to stay in hospital for a month, I can't remember why though, my sister had jaundice and i had something where the flap of skin covering the windpipe wasn't developed properly so allthe milk went into my lungs and stopped me breathing,cos I was too early. So there is all this talk of babies staying in to cook cos they're not ready, so why do some babies come out naturally when they're not ready? I'm just interested, I've never thought about it before but now I have, why would a baby come out when it's not properly developed?!

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Dec 24th '08

Its can be for different reasons. eg. your cervix. you can not help when your waters break, and one you are dialated the baby will come. i went into labout and i was only 16-17 weeks. It cant be helped sometimes