New Tattoooooooo (pics) Mama Melis 3 kids; California 59500 posts
Dec 22nd '08

My bestfriend and I decided we wanted to get matching tattoos.
We wanted something very simple, yet not so simple.
We decided to go with the Open Heart Design that Jane Seymour created.
The Open heart symbolizes "If your heart is open, love will always find its way in." Which I think in all aspects of life is a good thing to live by.

So with that symbol we each got out own choice of flower to go with our individual personality.
I got plumerias, and Amanda go Cherry Blossoms.

peekture timeeee.

On our way...

And now there is NO turning back. Evan beginning my tattoo

Yea, my face says it all.

My Outline Finished.

Taking a Mini Break

The color started


Amanda's Finished

Katie (July 10th, '09) Due July 9 (boy); Birmingham, Alabama 3508 posts
Dec 22nd '08

The flowers are pretty. :D I like the tattoo, it would be too big for me, but it looks great!

*Kiley & Ryland's mama* 2 kids; Key West, Florida 2634 posts
Dec 22nd '08

I love them!! They are sooo pretty!!!!

✂ Calabaza✂ 18 kids; Arizona 18142 posts
Dec 22nd '08

I love them! Great concept too!

E L I Z A B E T H ! Due October 17 (boy); 1 child; Walpole, New Hampshire 6774 posts
Dec 22nd '08

Cute! I love the open heart design. :D

Homewrecker. 2 kids; f**king, Austria 22770 posts
Dec 22nd '08

I saw these on your MySpiz, but wasn't on long enough to comment.

I really like them! It makes me want to get something on my foot!

that one girl 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Phoenix, Arizona 54235 posts
Dec 22nd '08

very cool! I am getting a tattoo on my foot soon too! lol

I'm the Juggernaut b***h! 1 child; Pennsylvania 7013 posts
Dec 22nd '08

I like them. :)

Epic Rachel 2 kids; Lowell, Massachusetts 3785 posts
Dec 22nd '08

i love them but i dont think i have the balls to get the top of my foot tattooed

♥Kara♥ 3 kids; Calgary, Alberta 19548 posts
Dec 22nd '08

It's beautiful are effing nuts! That had to kill!!!! HAHA. So worth it though.

Sarah♥ 2 kids; Colorado 8564 posts
Dec 22nd '08

I like it Mel, super cute!

lauren Due February 19; 4 kids; Virginia 33499 posts
Dec 22nd '08

Okay, now I really want a tattoo on my foot!

I love the whole idea behind your tat , too. It looks great!

casey♥ 3 kids; California 9232 posts
Dec 22nd '08

Super Cute!!

Lindsay "Got Boys?" 2 kids; Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey 1953 posts
Dec 22nd '08
Quoting Melis♥:
**Manda** 1 child; Naples, Florida 1688 posts
Dec 22nd '08

nice did it hurt I been wanting to get my dads name on my foot alot of people has said it hurts I already have 2 and they didnt and people said they would so maybe I shouldn't listen to other think pain is.