AHH!! My husband ripped off my baby's umbilical cord stump!! ~I love him~ Utah 119 posts
Dec 21st '08

while we were changing my sons diaper, he started to pee. My husband tried to cover it quickly with the diaper and managed to rip off his umbilical cord stump (clearly an accident). Its not off all of the way, but its close. He has a dr appt for his 2 week check tomorrow and i can ask the dr about it,

BrysonsMomma 1 child; North Carolina 570 posts
Dec 21st '08

no, but if it's not bleeding I wouldn't worry about it,just leave it on there and let the dr look at it tommorow. It's ok momma, accidents happen :)

Jess&Ella*SASM 1 child; Portland, Oregon 1647 posts
Dec 21st '08

it hasn't happened to me. :( but at two weeks, it should have been close to coming off anyway. ella''s came off at 8 days. is it bleeding, or oozing any liquid? did your baby cry like it hurt? if not, it may have been dried up and nearly ready to fall off anyway. i wouldn't worry- just talk to your dr tomorrow.

gilly+2 <3 3 kids; Hamilton, ON, Canada 3676 posts
Dec 21st '08

you almost made me throw up lmao

user banned Due August 21 (girl); 2 kids; Forks, Washington 66233 posts
Dec 21st '08
Quoting ~Manuel Jr is here~:
~I love him~ Utah 119 posts
Dec 21st '08

its not oozing or anything, it just looked painful to me!! he was already crying because he hates diaper changes anyways so i dont know if it hurt him... i want to say no, to make myself feel better about it:?
it didnt seem like it had any intent to come off anytime soon, but i could be wrong... ahh what a horrible thing!!!
anyhow, i'll just have to wait and see... maybe call the dr and get in first thing!:)
Thanks ladies!!!

Amy Tully 1 child; Missouri 80 posts
Sep 9th '12

this just happened to me and my baby is 11 days old :( she was kicking and screaming so the diaper went up and ripped it halfway off but it's not bleeding so I guess I shouldn't worry

**Jen 51 kids; Waterloo, Ontario 527 posts
Sep 9th '12

My daughter's came off at 4 days old!! It didn't bleed and she didn't cry or anything. I opened her sleeper to change her and it had come off and was loose in her sleeper.