Desperate for help - persistent cradle cap! CLAIRE *mum of 2!* Due December 18; 2 kids; Malta 233 posts
Dec 13th '08

So, my 3 and a half mth old has had cradlle cap for almost 3mths now. Tried ro remove it with oil, used cradle cap shampoo, almond oil...pediatrician also prescribed hydrocortisone and I applied it as directed, but still the same.

She has white marks in her whole hair area with a concentrated area on the fontanelle with a thick 'crust'. Recently began applying breastmilk on the whole area and the most full-of-'crust part seems ro have improved a bit, but anyway she's developed white marks all over her head. I was told it may be dermatitis, but still w hydrocortisone it stayed the same.

Am at a loss. Can't get rid of it. Please help if u have any ideas or you've been in my same situation.

KATHLEENX3 Due October 29; 35 kids; Kahnawake 14, Quebec 358 posts
Dec 13th '08

my son had it for ever..he just has thick hair..soo doc told me to keep his hair short..and used the specail shampoo...he is going on 12..and i think it stop when he was 8 or even left bald spots where i would pick at it..clamps of hair would come out..

mama3trish 3 kids; Ontario 9524 posts
Dec 13th '08

It sounds like you've tried everything...hmmm.Maybe try to shampoo first, right after rub in baby oil, and while oil is on take baby brush and rub cradle cap in circular motion.If not it's supposed to be gone by 6-12 months?

endless possibilities Due November 7; 6 kids; Tacoma, Washington 40890 posts
Dec 13th '08

My doctor told me to use palmolive dish soap on my baby's head, being extra careful not to get it in her eyes. I would put it on, let it sit for 5 minutes, rinse it off, then repeat. It totally got rid of it.

Also, yeast medication can help.

Moira's mommy 1 child; Prospect Park, Pennsylvania 1054 posts
Dec 13th '08
Quoting CLAIRE *mum of 2!*:
Kristennnnnnnnn 2 kids; Dallas, Texas 1214 posts
Dec 13th '08

I put aquaphor on my 3month old'shead. It makes her look like a little greaser, but it worked. IT's been cleared up for about 3 weeks now. Oh and by the way her pediatrician cleared that before I did it. I stopped using shampoo on her head too. I just use her babywash, and that has seemed to keep it from coming back.

jessidrivesavw ☮ 3 kids; Coral Springs, Florida 1094 posts
Dec 13th '08

my daughter had it so bad it covered her whole head and it would fall off with chunks of hair! what i would do is put the baby oil on and let it soften the area then comb it off. i would comb the crusty stuff off. i know it seams like alot of hair falling off with it but it is the onloy way i could get rid of it! i would then wash her hair with selsum blue shampoo. i did the oild thing daily and the selsum every couple because it is so strong and honestly it freaked me out. your doctor can give you a selsum script too.

i feel that the combing it out was the only way for me atleast get it off!

Rowanmayfairs TTC since Feb 2008; 1 child; Disney, Oklahoma 6663 posts
Dec 13th '08

1 word-DANDRUFF SHAMPOO (okay thats 2 words. ;)
*any brand..I use generic*

My daughter had it bad from 2 months to 6 months and I refused to listen to the dr's advice at 4 months about using dandruff shampoo and when I finally followedthe advice at 6 months it was GONE.

I gently scraped away the flakes little by little at each bathing with a fine tooth comb then washed her hair in dandruff shampoo (don't get in the eyes, it BURNS).

My daughter got Cradle cap AGAIN at 13 months.. It was gone for 7 months then returned. I mentioned it to her daughter at her 18 month appt and since its getting better and I'm using dandruff I'm told everything is okay.

She had a yellow crust behind her ear but the dr gave me a steriod creme for that and told me to apply once at bedtime.