"ghost" baby shower? Dried up tata's 1 child; Hawaii 12088 posts
Dec 11th '08

Since I live in Hawaii and my entire family is in Ohio my mom wants to have a ghost baby Im not sure how that works...and I dont think she does either :wink:

But I made up a little registery on and now she is telling me I didnt put enough on there.

Now Im not about to ask for anything over $30 because I feel bad asking ppl to spend that on us. She wants me to put things like a high chair, swings, strollers etc. And with money so tight for everyone I dont think thats fair to ask. My husband and I can take care of those big things.

Did any of you ladies feel like that when you made your registery? Do you think I should put those items on there just to shut her up? I dont want anyone in our family or our friends to think Im greedy and want them to spend so much money on us :(

advice would be great

the artful dodger 33 kids; Shreveport, Louisiana 563 posts
Dec 11th '08

You might as well put them on there, but most people are going to buy you clothes anyways. They can't resist the tiny clothes!

Mrs. A Due January 4 (girl); 2 kids; Ft Riley, KS, United States 2614 posts
Dec 11th '08

I felt bad too putting stuff like that on there, but I figured it would always be a good idea if two people wanted to go in on a gift together they could get something big. We ended up getting all our furniture so far. It can't hurt to put it on there. I know what you mean though, and noone will think that you are being greedy.

3 little monsters 3 kids; Olathe, Colorado 50990 posts
Dec 11th '08

I'd stick to small stuff, shipping for larger items would be insane.

aidens mommaa 1 child; Oceanside, California 233 posts
Dec 11th '08

me, i went crazy when i was doing mine.

but if yall can and are forsure going to buy the big stuff i dont see why you wudneed two yaknmow?

but f u need help i wudnt feelbad for puting it on there.
your baby will neeeed all of it.

i hope iwas of some help!

.mamma☮bean. 1 child; Manchester, New Hampshire 1949 posts
Dec 11th '08

I felt like an ass putting expensive things on there, but i eventually put my swing and travel set on there after getting hasseled by my mom and dad ha. My grandmother bought my travel

Weztlee and Whyitt EOM 2 kids; California 15993 posts
Dec 11th '08

we put all of the tiems we wanted on our egistry. we never expected to get the larger gifts, and for the most part didn't. but there were people (like our parents) who did want to go in on bigger gifts. also some places give you a discount on anything left on your registry that wasn't purchasd :)

Braylins mommy 3 kids; Flint, Michigan 828 posts
Dec 11th '08

yeah put them on there she might want to send you something big and dont know exactly what uwant. Just do it to make her happy!!!!!

Jtina 33 kids; Copperas Cove, Texas 12753 posts
Dec 11th '08

I don't think it would be bad to put large items on there at all! Sure you might not get any of it, but no one is gonna judge you. I would say the more that you put on the better, because you never know someone might want to spend more on you, and they would appreciate knowing exactly what you want. I think the more options that you give the better :)

My♥Maja&Livija Due March 1; 2 kids; Santa Cruz, California 27348 posts
Dec 11th '08
Quoting ash ♥ its a girl!:
Mommy of 2 + 1 angel 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Pearl, Mississippi 19333 posts
Dec 11th '08
Quoting ash ♥ its a girl!:
Dried up tata's 1 child; Hawaii 12088 posts
Dec 11th '08

Thanks for the advice girls:)

Im going to put a few of the things on there to make her happy lol.

I guess I never even thought about two ppl chipping in for a big gift. Silly me.

I'll have to tell my mom about the gift wrapping idea. She loves that kind of stuff lol

Kate8708 Due July 30; 1 child; Minnesota 4539 posts
Dec 11th '08

I would put big stuff just incase people want to go together and get your a big gift or something... I got my Jumper, my play mat, my rocker and a lot of big stuff for my baby shower!

delta24 1 child; Iowa 217 posts
Dec 11th '08

I spent days on my registry and put everything on there in case people want to go in together on big items... little good it all did I go like 3 items from my registry, we ended up buying stuff second hand from friends, I ended up with 15 huge homemade blankets and a whole bunch of baby shampoo.... I hate baby showers

HopefulMom 49 kids; Texas 4173 posts
Dec 11th '08

Put them on there!

I always like to go in with someone on baby showers. I would rather do that than get something little. The big stuff is usually what people need in the end.