5-6 weeks pregnant and bleeding like a period kdoan Due September 12; 1 child; Waipahu, Hawaii 5 posts
Dec 6th '08

Please help me. I am about 5 or 6 weeks pregnant. I just found out recently. I took 3 hpt and it all came back positive. Went to the doctor to confirm. Took two urine tests at the clinic and it came back negative, so I had to do a blood test. My hcg was 26. They wanted me to do another one to make sure that it goes up. Went up to 32. Then Sunday night I was slighty bleeding. I was scared so I rushed to the hospital. The doctor told me that I was on the process of havinga miscarriage and this would be my second one in less then a year. So, today I had to do another blood test to see that my hcg went down. I went to go see my doctor and he said that it is up to 50. So I am pretty surprised because I thought that I was having a miscarriage and expecting my hcg to go down. They did an ultrasound to make sure that I don't have an ectopic pregnancy but they couldn't find anything. Not even in my uterus. They say that I might still be too small to see anything. Did anyone have bleeding like a period during their first trimester and had a healthy pregnancy and baby. I really want this baby, but scared that something might be wrong.

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Dec 6th '08
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Dec 6th '08

All I can say is relax. Stressing isn't helping you at all. I would call your DR if you are still worried.

happy baby's mom 1 child; Ohio 19617 posts
Dec 6th '08

when i was 8 weeks pregnant i had one small spot of blood and they wanted to see me ASAP and did an ultrasound- everything was fine buut they wanted to be sure- not sure what to tell you. :( good luck though.

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Dec 6th '08

Your hcg is not rising enough for the pregnancy to be viable. It should double at least every 48 hours. I don't think this pregnancy is going to stick ufortunately.

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Dec 6th '08

i had a ectopic pregnancy and it hurt like hell in one side it was so much pain so i dont think you having that but idk and i did bleed alot but my auntwho had twins had like almost a regular period till she was 4 months or so and her babies came out fine

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Dec 24th '08

long as you have no pains and clots-you are fine,this has happened to me,and is happening to me once more.
take it easy,all is well.
you can have quite low hcg levels and still be ok,i know because i have 3 children,they were all low hcg,so no worries there.

love to you xx

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Dec 24th '08

My mom had regual period like bleeding through out her entire first pregnancy, and eveything turned out fine. In fact, my sister(moms first) also has bleeding for the first five months, so she didn't even know she was pregnant until she went to the hospital because of back pain...everything turned out fine for her as well. I know its easier said than done, but try not to stress too much.

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Dec 24th '08

Well in my experience, I have had a few of those pregancies that were not really pregnancies. Let me explain, 1 egg out of every 4 eggs is empty, nothing can live out of it. Sometimes they still get conceived with sperm and then your body reacts as though you really are pregnant even though the egg is not alive itself. It can be mostly detected with low HCG and a negative ultrasound. I've had a few of them and they suck, but at least you know that there was no baby in the first place so you didn't loose anyone. Well it's how I see it, it makes it easyer to take. I dosen't mean you'll never conceive or have a baby. It just sometime happens. If that is what you have. Has the doctor given you any idea what it could be?

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Apr 22nd '10

I am 5 weeks pregnant and I have been having bleeding off and on for two weeks. Sometimes its heavier and sometimes its lighter. I rarely get cramps and when I do they aren't bad. This is nothing like my normal period so I have no idea what is going on. I went to the hospital two weeks ago and they said suspected miscarriage. But my hormone levels have gone up. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, so hopefully we'll know one way or the other. But I'm really scared too. I don't want to lose this baby. I hope everything turns out okay for you. You are in my prayers.

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May 26th '11

I am reading this thread with fear but looking for hope. I've had two miscarriages and am pregnant again approximately five or six weeks along. I did not keep a record if menstruation for April but I may have conceived around the 18th.
I started getting shoulder pains like I do when I have my period and slight periodic pelvic pain and twinges of cervical pain. After pregnancy was confirm I was advised to have my yearly exam as I was overdue. I always tend to bleed after Pap so I was nervous the Pap could create a problem. I was assured spotting post pap us normal and should not cause miscarriage.
It has been over a week and I have been bleeding and spotting intermittently ever since. Checking HcG my original two numbers multiplied a good amount now I went for another one. They said it has gone up but not as much as they would expect according to the calculation of how far along we thought I am. I needed to go back again today for another HcG check but the lab closed before I could get there. I'm so anxious to make sure this is a viable pregnancy.
I wish I could stop focusing on it but I'm so emotional right now and I want this so badly. Just please let everything be ok.

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Jul 1st '11

i am 5 weeks and 6 days pregnant and today i got cramps and was bleeding i went to the er and they was my cervix was closed tight (good thing) and my baby was still in my uterus . it is perfectly normal i am still scared but i am sure everything will b fine

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Jul 23rd '11

I had a big scare around 4 this morning. I had a few Sharp shooting pain in my lower abdomin. Then 30 min later, had intercourse and it felt a lot more wet than usual. I was shocked when I turned the lights on. Lots of blood. it has stopped. I spoke with someone at the ER over the phone. They said if the bleeding and pain continue to go into the ER. Im worried. I'm only 4weeks along. And my first appointment isnt until Aug 11th.

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Jul 8th '12

I'm about 5-6 maybe farther I haven't been to the dr yet but I took two home pregnancy test and they were both positive I haven't had a period since may 19th and then earlier today I started spotting which turned a lil heavier not as heavy as my normal period and I'm not hurting I'm worried and don't know what to think I've had one miscarriage but this doesn't feel anything like that what is everyone's thoughts about this please help me out I'm scared

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Feb 12th '13

I wouldn't tell someone that cause no one actually knew what was going on and she needs to stay stress free.. I had heavy bleeding before my first baby Dr said it was a miscarriage, but a week later i was experiencing morning sickness got a blood test i was 4 weeks pregnant ,at 11 weeks saw my baby for the first time she is a year old I had no complications she was born healthy, I was fine too no problems.. I'm pregnant with my second same thing it's different with everyone.. Dr. checked me out said it's normal some times women have a light period right before the egg has actually implanted..

Quoting wankawanka:" Your hcg is not rising enough for the pregnancy to be viable. It should double at least every 48 hours. I don't think this pregnancy is going to stick ufortunately."