Best pads to use after birth? OverTheMoon HappyMomma Due December 10; 1 child; San Jose, California 467 posts
Nov 20th '08

Hello mommies!!

I am trying to get my stuff together for after I give birth and I am clueless on what type of pads to use. I have heard and read mixed things on here and I would love to hear what worked best for you. I did stock up one some depends for the first few days, and I have read that even with depends some women bleed so much they need a liner in it. So what should I go with? I also got tucks pads for after birth as that was reccomended to me. Anything else I need to know?

Tiffany♥Kirra 1 child; Oklahoma 4084 posts
Nov 20th '08

They give you pads at the hospital but right when you get home I would use Always Overnight w/ wings. That's what I used and they worked fine.Depends on how much you're bleeding.

☠Jenniefahhh 1 child; Djibouti 70810 posts
Nov 20th '08

POISE! Depends gave me a really bad rash on my thighs, my skin was coming off in chunks.

Poise pads are really cheap and incredibly absorbent. I bled forever after I had the bebe & had basically NO bladder control, I never leaked with those bad boys.

Blessedw6 Due September 12 (boy); 5 kids; Wisconsin 6357 posts
Nov 20th '08

I used hospital pads and then always overnights with wings

I like my pads super absorbent lol

TheyRMyEverythings 1 child; North Carolina 5673 posts
Nov 20th '08

i didn't bleed bad at all....I used the extra long always pads....they worked fine except sometimes I would have to put two longways in my panties because if I would bend over or something I would bleed out the end of the pad. But those worked great for me...hope this helps

Tigerlily *so in love* 2 kids; Alberta 564 posts
Nov 20th '08

I didn't bleed to bad just for a really long time. I used the nighttime maxi pads. they are really long and thick. I liked the always brand they worked best for me. I also just changed them often as i could helped to not bleed through.

Mrs. Luna 3 kids; New York 764 posts
Nov 20th '08

i used always over nights with wings too.... they are the best!

2 Boys of Mine 18 kids; Rhinelander, Wisconsin 3936 posts
Nov 20th '08

They give you some super maxi's at the hospital. After I got home I was good with the regular with wings and the regular overnight pads. I didn't bleed too heavily after the 4th day but it did last a while.

momtootwo TTC since Mar 2003; 7 kids; Hicksville, Ohio 6092 posts
Nov 20th '08

i used the hospital ones when i was in the hospital and when i got home all i used were pantie liners thats all i needed stopped bleeding 3 days afer i got home

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Nov 20th '08
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Kimberly's mom_122607 1 child; Oxford, Maine 1576 posts
Nov 20th '08

over night with wings

OverTheMoon HappyMomma Due December 10; 1 child; San Jose, California 467 posts
Nov 20th '08
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Maggiekins 2 kids; Florida 14198 posts
Nov 20th '08

I was curious about this topic, as well... and....

Should I invest in great big white granny panties... for bleaching purposes?

Tink Tink's Mama 17 kids; North Carolina 5443 posts
Nov 20th '08

The ones that they give you at the hospital are AWESOME!!! Just ask them for a bunch to take home they are usually very generous

Mommy2022 34 kids; Applewood, Pa, United States 9644 posts
Nov 20th '08

I used kotex but that is the only brand I will use anyways.