vzvzv Manley Hot Springs, Alaska 17028 posts
Dec 16th '08

I know this is a little late but awesome story the pics made me tear up :)

Sharonblueyes{EBFB} 3 kids; Sequim, Washington 23124 posts
Aug 14th '09

I updated this a bit, wrote a little more if anybody cares :)

LRX 3 kids; Alaska 28050 posts
Aug 27th '09

Great birth story and pics.

Sharonblueyes{EBFB} 3 kids; Sequim, Washington 23124 posts
Aug 27th '09
Quoting bobbibouche:
alexander's mommy:) USA 4 posts
Aug 27th '09

Wow you have an amazin birth story. Congratulations you have two beautiful girls! I always wanted a natural birth but I have to have c sections. You are so lucky.

MartinTreeHouse 65 kids; Knob Noster, Missouri 62 posts
Nov 9th '09

I'm getting ready to have a baby girl (38 weeks right now) and I am hoping to have her naturally. Your story was both helpful, insightfuland encouraging. Thank you so much for sharing it!

Wife of Daniel 1 child; Oregon 59 posts
Nov 13th '09

Thank you so much for sharing your story and the video too. It really really helped me feel more confident. I'm planning a waterbirth at home and this will be my first child so I had no idea what to really expect, but now I have a much better idea!

little mamma9 Due June 24 (boy); Idaho 23 posts
Feb 26th '10

This is such an amazing story! So empowering. Thank you!!

//(* 7 kids; 15400 posts
Mar 14th '12

awwww. that was so beautiful!!! thanks for sharing... I'm sitting here at 40w 3d hoping for thing to start for me soon. :D

Elizabeth Engel Due November 8; 1 child; United States 11 posts
May 4th '14

Thank you for sharing!  I'm considering a home birth for my 2nd baby,  and I loved reading your experience. I love the giggling.  Haha