Lung pain/upper back pain Krystle♥ Nevada 1296 posts
Nov 14th '08

Hi guys, Ive been having upper back pain [im 15 weeks tomorrow] where my lungs are, such as if you were coughing for an extended period and your back/lungs get sore. except Im not coughing. If I laugh or move a certain way it hurts and when I press on that part of me its really tender & sore. Anyone expierence this or should I call my doctor =[

MuMmY 2 lizzy and Isaac 2 kids; Iowa 1291 posts
Nov 14th '08

I think you should ask your doctor. I had lower back pains but doc said it was normal.

*JuneBug's Mommy* 1 child; Minnesota 1347 posts
Nov 14th '08

I would call your doctor just to be on the safe side. They told me lower back pain is normal unless it is really severe, but they never said anything about upper back pain

**Blessed_Insanity** 7 kids; Wyoming 19410 posts
Nov 14th '08

ANY time you are having pain that is not normal, Especially when pregnant you should def talk to your doctor...many things can happen when pregnant including things that are very dangerous...I dont mean to scare you or anything like that just to let you be aware and all...lung pain is def something that should be talked about cause when pregnant you can develope clots in your lungs that can become fatal known as Pulmonary def let your doctor know...More than likely its nothing more than the fact that your body is adjusting to the added weight of your growing baby...but its better to be safe than sorry...

Angie with baby #1 Due April 1 (girl); Omaha, Nebraska 2 posts
Nov 8th '09
Quoting Krystle♥:
Cynthia Miramontes 1 child; Bakersfield, California 2 posts
Feb 16th '12

I'm having the exact same issue..if any of you have already seen the Dr about it let me know please. I'm 15 weeks today.

Lady Anon Due December 25 (girl); 1 child; Davenport, Iowa 4610 posts
Feb 16th '12

I saw dr for it. He said it was uncommon but not an issue. It just randomly when away when I was like 27 weeks.