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Nov 12th '08

For the last two weeks I've had this constant pain in my pubic bone area. It doesn't go away from laying down and does feel worse on days that I work or walk alot. It's not a terrible pain, it's more like a sore, bruised, pressure kind of pain. It reminds me of the kind of pain I had while carrying my son when I was 9 mths pregnant and huge (I'm only around 18-20 weeks now). At first I thought it was just a normal preganancy pain, but it never let up. I'm not very "big" yet, but I waddle around when I walk because it hurts to much to walk normally. Also other women I have told have either said that it was strange or that I had a big baby or that it was low down. I'm not sure I believe that as the baby is not very far along and only weighs ounces! It sure feels like I have a heavy bowling ball in there though!
Anyway I finally looked it up online under pubic bone pain instead of pelvis pain (which was the only thing I could think of but is something different and normal from stretching)
This is what info I got:

The pelvis is a ring structure. Progesterone, a hormone made in great quantities in pregnancy has many properties besides thickening the lining of the uterus for implantation.
Progesterone also relaxes the ligaments between joints. In it's wisdom, the human body seeks to make the passageway (the pelvis) a larger space for the passenger (the baby). The middle of the pubic bone is actually a joint where the left and right pubic bones join together. When this loosens up, this in effect makes the diameter of the pelvis a larger space for the baby to negotiate during labor.
So far so good.
But unfortunately, since the pelvis is a ring, if it opens here, it must pinch there. The sacroiliac joints in your lower back to either side of the midline can hurt when this pubic bone separation happens. Or, alternately, you can just hurt at the pubic joint (the "pubic symphysis"). Diastasis is a word meaning "separation," so pubic symphysis diastasis is the normal effect of progesterone and other unknown forces that open up the pelvic ring a little bit for labor.
(An added note: Any pain in this area warrants a pelvic exam to rule out premature dilation of the cervix, and a urine exam to rule out bladder infection.)
So I called up my DR. and the nurse said to come right away. She was surprised that I waited so long to come in if I had this pain! When I got there the Dr. forone just thought that I was there for a regular check-up and when I brought up the pain he said "Haven't you been pregnant before"? and I said "yes" thinking it had something to do with it. Then he replied " well you should know that pain is normal" I said "yeah but not this kind of pain" Then he said " you just don't remember!
I went home crying! I don't know why he couldn't have done an exam to make sure my cervix isn't dialating! I might add I haven't even had an ultrasound yet and he scheduled one for 4 weeks from now! He also took 3 weeks off my pregnancy I should bealmost 21weeks and he saying now I'm only 18! I wonder if the baby isn't growing right or something!
Please help! Is there anyone with similar pain? Is this normal? Should I go to the hospital ( I know they would do an exam!)

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Nov 12th '08

I actually think its a good sign. I know the pain is horrible but the fact your producing the hormones (progesterone) is a very good sign. :)

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Nov 12th '08

ive had that type of pain since I was about 20 weeks...

the doctor checked me around 30 weeks and said she was measuring a bit small (27 weeks)...turns out she is just REALLY low in my belly. They checked me for dilation last week and said Im tightly closed but he could feel the baby's head because she was so low...

but the pain is bad. trust me I understand lol

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Nov 12th '08

Honestly, I think you should get a new doc simply for the reason that he obviously doesn't respect your awareness of your own body or the fact that you know what it feels like to have children and he doesn't. Other than that I think in my unmedical opinion that you are probably just fine. However, that being said, the anxiety of worrying if something is wrong can be harmful to baby as well. So if you mommy senses are tingling then go up to the hospital and get examined just put yourself at ease if nothing else. I would.

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Nov 12th '08

I am about 25 weeks and i've had this pain on and off now since prolly 15 weeks and only getting worse..more so at night in bed when i move! also laying down is just horrible really for me feels like my pelvis is going to snap apart along with my legs being weak! Stinks..and im sure it is only going to get worse. It's just not as bad when im awake and doing things.

MomX2 Jessica & Miguel Due January 7; 2 kids; Los Angeles, California 757 posts
Nov 12th '08
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Nov 15th '08

I have been extremely paranoid too. Starting around 17 weeks I kept getting sharp shooting pains in my vagina and rectum and felt like there was pressure over my cervix. At 19 weeks I went in and got an exam and she said my cervix was long and closed. A week later I had my 20 week ultrasound and she still said it was long and closed but now a week later I stiiilll feel paranoid that its going to start opening without me knowing! When you do a kegel do you ever feel like when you let go you can feel something? I tried to explain the feeling to my doctor and she just said its probably my cervix because it protrudes outwards instead of inwards during pregnancy. Ugh im just paranoid and would love to hear exactly how everyone around this point is feeling. Today I have been having inor mentrual like cramps and it just worries me... I would definetly reccomend you find a new doctor though. If you request an exam there is no reason they should deny you one!

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Nov 15th '08
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Nov 16th '08
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