Cutest Ginger baby WINNERS! Jen 182 2 kids; Tool, TX, United States 34174 posts
Nov 9th '08

First place goes to Eleanor - 6 months, with 33 votes
Mommy -


Special thanks to:
for making the 1st place winner a siggy!

I decided that 2nd and 3rd needed something as well so here is what i was able to do for them...

Second place goes to Parker - 11 months, with 31 votes
Mommy -


Third place goes to Clayton James - 4 months, with27 votes
Mommy -


Thank you all for the beautiful entries, and thanks to everyone who voted!

Noobalishtasticabilities Due October 12; 2 kids; Fernandina beach, FL, United States 28785 posts
Nov 9th '08

Awww, thanks!

MegglezC&K'smomma 2 kids; Astoria, Oregon 8460 posts
Nov 9th '08

Thank you hun.. WOOOhooo my baby won a contest :)

LoveMyChubbyBubby 17 kids; Reynoldsburg, Ohio 45381 posts
Nov 9th '08

yeaahhhh! i love gingers!! lol

go norr!

congrats little ginger babies!

lauren... nor's mommy Due August 6; 1 child; Iowa 10930 posts
Nov 9th '08

awwww YAY
I love my little Ginger Nor! =)

thanks guys!

Punkerella-nips of steel! 1 child; Cortland, New York 10891 posts
Nov 9th '08

congrats mamas!!

Proud July 08 mama 1 child; De Land, Florida 3409 posts
Nov 13th '08

Go Clayton!!!