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Dec 29th '07

I found out I was pregnant right after I moved to AZ. I was able to get AHCCCS pretty easy. Mercy Care Plan was great! But since my loser bf couldnt quit smoking weed long enough to get a job better than mcdonalds we had to move. We now live in the middle of no where north carolina with his siter and her bf. Jan 11 will be my 2nd missed doc visit. I am tripping out not being able to get insurance here.... And to make matters worst I cant get a flipping job because I have no car to go anywhre and I sure cant walk... I just want to go back tophoenix where everything was fine. I could walk to my damn hospital.. I walked to my doctor visit everytime..

Ilovemylilboii 1 child; San Bernardino, California 71 posts
Jan 2nd '08

I'm only 16 and my mothers insurance does not cover pregnancy for anyone but her (cheap ass blue shield) So i had to go to our local Wel-Fare office and apply for emergency medi-cal ..Even though i'm a minor the insurance is in my name through some state policy called MINOR CONSENT it is totally free!! but its month to month insurance and it only covers pregnancy..

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Jan 2nd '08

wow i didnt know how hard it is for you all over there, i cant imagine having the added stress of all that while being pregnant. how can they charge so much, how can they expect you to pay?, wheres the care and well being of everyone??
it makes me feel very lucky to love in australia and not pay a cent unless you go private.
good luck

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Jan 3rd '08

Thing must have changed alot since I had my son 1995 in Cali, I had Kaiser through medical and it covered everything 100%. Later after I finished college and got a decent job I was making about 25k a year and stillqualified for an insurance plan where I paid $75 a month through medical for myself, my son was still free. For me it waswonderful but that's been 12 years now. What's amazing is the cost difference.I'm in Alabama now andmedical cost is way way cheaper out here then back home. The real sucky part is you have to be nearly homeless to qualify for medicaid in this state, if your preg your somewhat safe but if not good luck! Anyway, the doctor bills for my pg are going to be2200 for the doctor bills and delivery, Idont thinkthisincludes anyu/s, blood work or hospital stay, but I think it's pretty reasonable. My ob is a female, actually the whole clinic is female,I just don't like male doctors lookin at me makes me feel funny. Maybe that movie "The Hand That Rocks The Craddle" freaked me out, don't know but never been comfortable with male doctors.

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Jan 11th '08

I am struggling to get insurance for my pregnancy. I have health insurance but they dont do pre-existing which is what my case is because I didnt have maternity added to my policy before I got pregnant.I make to much to qualify for medicade but cant afford to pay it all up front which is what my doctor requires. Any one with the same problem? Any suggestions?

JaysonsMommi Missouri 3 posts
Jan 13th '08

I am SO SICK of our "health care" system in the US. I wasn't able to see a doctor until I was 4 months pregnant because I didn't have any health insurance. The medicaid system is so stressful to go through, and they didn't even approve me because I made too much money - last time I checked 7.50 an hour was not enough to live on, let alone pay for health insurance! It all just makes me want to pull my hair out. Maybe if we spent more of an effort fixing up our own government assissted programs rather than spend billions on ruining someone elses, we all might actually have an American 'quality' of life.

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Jan 13th '08

Momma2SadieJane : " my husband is over in bum- F- Eygpt fighting for his wife to get such crappy care.... If everyone Appricates what he does so much, don't you think we'd get a little better medical care??? "

I'm sorry but I don't agree, I think the US needs to mind it's own business and stay out of other countries probs! And if you support it then you're just as much at fault. My hubby was in military too, he left for moral and conscious objective, he got less than honorable discharge and we're way better off now, his life isn't on the line and he's home everyday! At least you have some sort of healthcare, we

Momma2SadieJane Due January 5; 2 kids; Florida 818 posts
Jan 14th '08

You think i'm happy my husband is there.....??????/
And i support it?????? YEAH RIGHT!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!!
I was raised JW and I don't beleive in war the least bit....
But I did fall in love with him and it was his choice even though i begged him not too and he didn't listen.... he totally regrets it now.... and wants to get out, but we would be broke with a new born and no healthcare if we did....
Can you see my position....?? if he got out all these dr's appointments and hospital bills.... would be our responsiblity with no income..... we'd be up shits creek without a paddle! My point was see as military spouses have to live there lives without their husband for half of every'd think theyd compinsate us......

SweetMoma Due July 14; 50 kids; Tennessee 25 posts
Jan 14th '08

It wasn't a personal attack, just my point of viewbut good luck to you.

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Jan 19th '08

I live in Canada and the only time we have to pay health care is if you make too much money and then its a PREMIUM, no getting turned away EVER for anything if you don't have money. the US really needs goverment controled health care. On a side note Hilary tried to get it implemented when her hubby was president but the private insurance companys scared the public and the government enough with all there BS that she had to stop trying.

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Jan 21st '08

ok i live in georgia and am currently on medicaid (the pregnant one). while i know that everything will be covered since i had medicaid while preggo with my daughter, i am having a son and i dont know if his circumcision will be covered? i searched the net and its useless like always, and my caseworker NEVER answers a phone call gr..does anybody whos had georgia medicaid know the answer?

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Jan 24th '08

Thanks so much for the information. I am covered by my mom's insurance for another year because I was a full-time student and graduated, but it goes until age 25 (if you're a dependent and unmarried). I've been trying to be neither of those things, but currently I'm prego, so it's been hard to say no to insurance coverage. Natural childbirth is $2,900 w/o insurance with a midwife, but with insurance,it's $290(10% of cost w/$325 per year deductible).I've been trying to switch employers to full-time with benefits, but was afraid of losing all insurance if i get laid off. this was very helpful, and my fiance just got a job that the baby can continue on after birth.

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Jan 28th '08
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