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Aug 30th '09
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Damien & Wyatt's Mommy 2 kids; Junction City, Kansas 25956 posts
Aug 30th '09

I bought something from her and was very pleased

mommy to one! 1 child; Maryland 6491 posts
Aug 30th '09
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Aarohee 1 child; Pennsylvania 7737 posts
Aug 30th '09

I'd like to add Creations by Lynne

She made my daughter the PERFECT tutu and matching bow for her 2yr professional pics. She's super sweet and makes sure you get exactly what you want. I never knew there were so many things that go into making a tutu but it was so well worth it. It was made with love and really took the time to make it perfect.
I'll gladly buy from her again and suggest others seeking great tutu's to do so too!

No Girls Allowed Due September 16; 4 kids; Grosse Tete, LA, United States 71999 posts
Aug 30th '09
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h a n n a h ♥ 1 child; Forks, Washington 3373 posts
Aug 30th '09

I would like to add..

Bryton & Keagan's Mommy

She made letters for my LO & they came out AMAZING! awesome price & fast shipping too!!

Thank you sooo much!!
crappy picture. awesome letters!

Mother-Goose 17 kids; Springfield, Massachusetts 11164 posts
Aug 30th '09
I would like to add her i have bought from her and had my items shipped pretty quick & she made sure to help me out since i have a budget
Id also like to add her...Her name is Amanda; we live close enough to meet inperson with the items but shes VERY quick when it comes to making custom orders. I have ordered a bow & tutu from her and im satisfied and DEFINITLY will buy from her again

mistyy 2 kids; Houston, Texas 12739 posts
Aug 30th '09

I want to add kacixoxo*lovemyjace*
I bought 3 carmen electra dvds from her for an awesome price, and they got here super fast, in great condition. Just like she said :D

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Aug 30th '09
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Aug 30th '09
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Aug 30th '09

BRIGHTSIDE has hit the jack pot!! lol I just wanted to say that I purchased some MAC brushed from her and I love love love them. So if you were thinking about getting some, you should. Thanks momma!

Brightside 2 kids; Bald Knob, Arkansas 58130 posts
Aug 30th '09
Sabrina~SquishyButts 20 kids; El Paso, Texas 46345 posts
Aug 30th '09

Adding Sheila once again....don't really need to link her...we all know who she is and where to find her! She made me a great siggy for my little shop and I love it! I'm so high maintenance and she put up with me so well, and made this...

Thanks Sheila!

ღSheila Lynnღ 3 kids; Weed, California 47383 posts
Aug 30th '09
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Aug 31st '09

I would like to add Momma Kat (Kat)

I bought three nice pairs of sweat for my son - she shipped them fast and they still smelled dryer FRESH! ; )