Mommy♥ of two 2 kids; Evansville, Indiana 2143 posts
Nov 4th '08

I bought an outfit from Mandi. It was in great condition and I recieved it rather quickly.

I have also bought things from GreenEyedLillies and I recieved them.

I recommend both of them.

Robin+3 3 kids; Arizona 12204 posts
Nov 4th '08
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It's Delivered 33 kids; Georgia 15057 posts
Nov 4th '08

I bought some baby girl clothes from this mama
she sent it out asap and sent me an email letting me know
she was very awesome to deal with and I recommend her to anyone!

Catlin-Mommy-Of-Two-Pants Due September 18; TTC since Mar 2013; 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Rohnert Park, California 4061 posts
Nov 4th '08

^^ she was AWESOME even though my items got lost, she offered to refund me, and ended up finding my stuff in the end, and made sure she got it to me!

I know I bought from other people on here who I have had GREAT transactions with.
I just cant find them in my inbox =(

Cassi♥DLKA♥ 4 kids; Victoria, Texas 23081 posts
Nov 4th '08
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......................... 34 kids; Tennessee 38820 posts
Nov 4th '08

I bought some hairbows and stuff from Mandi...

I bought some hairbows fromAshley [Sophia's Mama]

I bought the cookbook from Courtney...

I highly recommend them all! I had a great experience with each of them!

MySunWillShine 2 kids; North Las Vegas, Nevada 16164 posts
Nov 4th '08

I bought some clothes from Kari

I didn't get back to her for quite a while, but she held onto the sandles for me, and was fast shipping! She even shipped to me here in Guam!

jacksmummah Due November 10; 2 kids; Australia 2843 posts
Nov 4th '08

i bought clothes from bradleys Mommy She extremely nice and i would deffinatley buy from her again !!

2men1bear 3 kids; Llanelli, United Kingdom 21046 posts
Nov 4th '08

As others have said i recommend Kathy and Mandi to EVERYONE

The other awesome seller i have dealt with is Stella Blue - a million % positive feedback for her :D

Kass. Due August 31 (twins); 1 child; 3 angel babies; Ottawa, Ontario 11341 posts
Nov 4th '08

I bought some stuff from Kari as well from her "Ella's closet" thread

Everything was exactly as I thought it would be, so cute! Kari's really nice too! That was the first time that I had talked to her, when I wanted to buy some of her little girl clothes, but I've talked to her since as well.

Momma Kat ♥ Due October 20 (girl); 17 kids; Orlando, Florida 4292 posts
Nov 4th '08
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Momma Kat ♥ Due October 20 (girl); 17 kids; Orlando, Florida 4292 posts
Nov 4th '08

Bradley's mommy is an AWESOME seller & she's such a sweetie pie. :)

I will def keep buying Dominick's Hurley stuff from her b/c of the great deals & the timely manner I receive them.

Thank you!

elastic vagina 18 kids; Croatia 9480 posts
Nov 4th '08

i got two wonderful sweat shirts from bradley's mommy
since i'm in canada it took a bit longer to arrive, but she was pming me to ask me if they arrived, and weather i liked them! that's great
i'll probably buy from her again

katie813** NRC** 2 kids; New Jersey 7112 posts
Nov 4th '08
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Mandi Candy! 2 kids; United States 20524 posts
Nov 4th '08

awwwwe! You guys are making my head all big!!!!
Look what youve all done to me!!!