using thermacare patches while pregnant ♥TattooMommy 1 child; Delta, Ohio 72 posts
Oct 28th '08

can thermacare patches be used on your muscles while pregnant? I have constant shoulder muscles cramps and I didnt know if it was safe to use these while pregnant? Does anyone know? I have tried to research it online and so far no success.

GlowingTamra#2 Due September 5 (girl); 17 kids; Pennsylvania 12835 posts
Oct 28th '08

if ur using them on your shoulders I dont see why not..its practically the same as a heating pad right?!

Rea Due January 9 (girl); 3 kids; Missouri 4228 posts
Oct 28th '08

why not...i think so, as long as its not going to over heat you or your baby. i guess just dont put it on your belly,lol

Riley's momma 2 kids; Clayton, Wisconsin 431 posts
Oct 28th '08

The L&D nurse gave me one when I was in preterm labor so it must be okay.
It really helps with the low back pain if you get a big one but good luck keeping it on!!