Itchy hands and feet? MissPrettyRikki 1 child; Minnesota 17 posts
Oct 25th '08

did anyone have really itchy hands and feet while pregnant? I'm 35 weeks along... It started really bad yesterday.. I have a big Mayo clinic book it says that's it normal for the palms of your hands and balls of your feet to become red and itchy... just wondering-- and also what you did to stop it? I've tried all my lotions and they don't help.. i have been putting cans of pop in the freezer then holding one in each hand-- it helps for a short time...!!

Punk Rock Princess {EBFT} 3 kids; Killeen, Texas 26911 posts
Oct 25th '08

You can take benadryl...I had an allergic reaction to some antibiotics a few weeks ago and had severe itching everywhere, but especially my hands and feet. Walking barefoot on the carpet made it worse!

user banned Minnesota 2153 posts
Oct 25th '08
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MissPrettyRikki 1 child; Minnesota 17 posts
Oct 25th '08

I have been itching that hard to I feel like my skin could break open.. yes walking on carpet is awful! I did take an over the counter med for my cold but it was about 2 days after i took the last one.. i only took it for 2 days i don't like taking anything while pregnant... thanks for the posts.!

Pregnant Again&Happy Due October 6; 4 kids; Bakersfield, California 1 posts
Mar 17th '09

I hope all goes well with your pregnancy. I too have been experiencing these same symptoms. I found this website by searching "itchy hands and feet pregnacy" on google. I don't know if this might be helpful to you, but it is worth looking into.