31 weeks. 2 cms dilated 65% effaced. Cora & Ava's Mommy! 2 kids; Fort Bragg, North Carolina 546 posts
Oct 23rd '08

Okay! So I went to the doctors and she told me that I am 2 cms dilated and 65% effaced. I was in the hospital from 25-29 weeks, because I was already dilated and thinning. But a few days ago, I've been having mucus discharge and a lot of pressure near my pelvic area, along with backaches. But light and mild contractions.

I have a very thin cervix and am on bed-rest since 25 weeks! So what do you think will happen next? Maybe she'll come sooner than we thought? I am due December 21st. And I heard that when you're 3-4 cms dilated that you're in active labor, is that true?

Brightside 2 kids; Bald Knob, Arkansas 58130 posts
Oct 23rd '08

i was 3 cm for weeks
he could come now or later
but if he came now that would not be good
he needs to make it past 37 weeks
are they monitoring you on anything?

A-2 Due June 14; 2 kids; Zimbabwe 6884 posts
Oct 23rd '08

My mother was 3cm dilated with me for a month
and didnt go into labor until 4 centimeters.

So just because you have progressed a lot doesntmean you'll go into labor soon.
But best to be careful

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Oct 23rd '08
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Oct 23rd '08

I'm 34 weeks and at 33 weeks, I went into preterm labor and they stopped it. Now I'm at 2 cm too. I'm on bed rest too and I feel like my water is going to break any minute because of all the pressure.

i can't tell you what to expect, but I know what you're going through right now. my contractions are anywhere from 5-10 minutes. my doc says she hopes i make it another week or two, but doesn't expect me to go much further than that.

Cora & Ava's Mommy! 2 kids; Fort Bragg, North Carolina 546 posts
Oct 23rd '08

Oh yeah. My doctor checked my cervix and everything and she told me that she felt the baby's head. It's just a lot of pressure near the pubic and pelvic area. That when I use the restroom, I'll pee her right out!

Kyrie ♥'s Monkeys 2 kids; why, az, United States 52117 posts
Oct 23rd '08

Try to take it easy on bed rest and keep her in there as long as you can. I was the same way except 80% and made it to 36 weeks so there is hope.

Also you can be 4cm and not in active labor if you aren't progressing.

Good luck

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Oct 23rd '08
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Oct 23rd '08

I was 4cm from35 weeks on. had my son at 39 weeks. Say on bed rest!!! Gotta keep that little angel baking a bit more! :)

Hollenengel 5 kids; Sacramento, California 38006 posts
Oct 23rd '08

You need to keep your baby in until 37 weeks at least. Pregnancy is 40 weeks for a reason. Relax as much as possible.You'll get none once the baby is here. No one knows how much longer you'll be pregnant. Just do what you can and take care of yourself. Good luck. I hope your baby is happy and healthy.