My newborn won't let me put him down... help! liz1531 California 294 posts
Apr 9th '07
My sos is three weeks old and I understand you can't spoil a newborn, but he will NOT let me put him down. Not in a swing, crib, pack n play, baby backpack. Nothing works. I am stapped to a chair all day long holding him or having to carry him and do everything else one handed. I am going crazy!!!! Any ideas? Please!!!

P.S. I have tried the let him cry method and he has cried for 2 hours straight and still didn't cry himself to sleep or stop! Doc says there is nothing medically wrong with him.
Monique Owens California 2 posts
Aug 6th '11

I'm going thru the EXACT same thing. All day and all night. If he's not slpng or feeding he's in my arms. He'll scream if I put him down-anywhere!! I'm very petite a slong all day is not an option and wht abt @ night?? And when I swaddle him he gets upset and tries to squirm out. I feel like I'm gonna lose it. I'm a single mom. Jaylens 4wks old, and constantly screaming. @ night its the worst.