BACK CONTRACTIONS....PLEASE HELP Michelle+Ron=Kaylee 1 child; Washington 1726 posts
Apr 9th '07
Everytime I try to talk to my doctor about what I know are back contractions he just tells me its back pain. But Ive heard of women that have had "back labor" ....
The pain im feeling is like this... a throbbing feeling in my lower back, that if im standing it kicks me off my feet. It doesnt matter what position im in or if im sitting or standing. Im worried because I keep having them on and off tonight, and so ive started to time them.
Not to mention my husband is severly PISSING me off right now, because he doesnt understand what im talking about. Great timing for him to be a jack ass right?

So ANYBODY have heard of this or has had back labor please help?

Also my placenta is anterior instead of posterior, so im thinking maybe that has something to do with why i would be having back contractions instead of normal ones?

thanks Gals! :wink:
colette_ mossberger 2 kids; Illinois 8 posts
Jan 2nd '08
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Jennifer Vargas Due December 2; 1 child; USA 1 posts
Nov 17th '12

i am having the same pain started yesterday i even took muscle relaxer u can still feel pain im 38 wks monday the pain in lower back and pain goes down is this real labor?