Live-Laugh-Love TTC since Aug 2017; 3 kids; Kitchener, ON, Virgin Islands 9614 posts
Mar 28th '11

My son was born at 30 weeks, he started teething around 4 months and just got his first tooth at 7.5 months adjusted.

Christina Berentz 18 kids; Elkhart, Indiana 1 posts
Oct 25th '12

My preemies was born at 26 weeks. She started having teething issues around 4 months. It's possible. Good luck!

Holtsprinzess 1 child; Houston, 478 posts
Oct 26th '12
Quoting Andrew's mommy!:" Andrew got his first tooth about 11 months but he had the teething sxs from like 4 months on."

OMG mine is and has been teething with no teeth gee thanks for the vote that this will end