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Have you felt your baby kick up in your ribs at 30 weeks? Dragonqueen125 18 kids; North Highlands, California 508 posts
Oct 4th '08

I am 30 weeks pregnant and this baby has yet to get in my ribs. This one has only done it maybe once. I was just curious if anyone else has felt their baby in the ribs and how often? What baby is this for you?

ℓittle Liz Due July 4; 2 kids; Texas 18875 posts
Oct 4th '08

my second , & it happens everyday .
I'm 30 weeks pregnant [atm]

sparklebabygirl 1 child; Arkansas 1049 posts
Oct 4th '08

i'am 33wks and its everyday, i feel it.. hurts like hell

Kitty V Due May 7; 2 kids; Iva, South Carolina 2302 posts
Oct 4th '08

My youngin' is in my ribs daily. I'm 32 weeks and he likes to play up there. It's getting crowded for him, and he's finding the spaces between my ribs are a great place to put his toes. lol

Astraia NMD 2 kids; Quebec 23817 posts
Oct 4th '08

Not really. Normally I feel her 2-3 finger widths below my ribcage (I admit it's hard to FIND my ribcage these days, but from where I recall my ribcage being..)

Sometimes it's hard to breathe, sometimes i feel her kicking somewhere in that area and can't feel anything on the outside so I assume it's towards my ribs, but there's nothinig identifiably rib-related about it.

I'm also 32 weeks.

Chuck Norris Due March 6; TTC since Jan 2013; 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Fairbanks, AK, United States 19489 posts
Oct 4th '08

Im only 28 weeks... but I have been feeling my baby girl kick me in my ribs and scootch her little butt up there for WEEKS now. She is my first. You should feel lucky not to be feeling your baby up there in your ribs... its not the best feeling in the world. It really hurts. lol

*H* is for Heather Due May 7; 1 child; North Dakota 7516 posts
Oct 4th '08

i don't feel pain when i get kicked in the ribs by my little one its more just pressure and i am 33 weeks.