Am I supposed to be hungry all the time this early? -*-Kristen-*- 33 kids; Maryland 5965 posts
Oct 2nd '08

Hey everyone I am only 1 month so far but I am always hungry.

ang_turtle+3.5 Due August 3; 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Cincinnati, OH, United States 19591 posts
Oct 2nd '08

i was like that, that's why my hubby and my mom thought i was prego bore i even found out...I was eating everything in sight!!!!

Lara Croft 1 child; Washington 4 posts
Oct 2nd '08
Quoting -*-Kristen-*-:
Peachy{+3♥} 3 kids; 2 angel babies; Utah 3383 posts
Oct 2nd '08

I was always hungry early on.
its normal =]

Leila & Aly's Momma! Due July 20 (girl); 1 child; Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri 1808 posts
Oct 2nd '08

I was hungry like that in the beginning. Enjoy eating now, cuz if you get morning sickness you wont enjoy eating for awhile :) good luck!

♥ they are my life 34 kids; Ohio 4104 posts
Oct 2nd '08

Generally speaking no. Most women experience morning sickness, but not always. With this pregnancy I didn't have morning sickness per se. I just felt nauseous and like I would puke but only actually did a couple of times.

My friend is roughly 6 weeks now and she can't stop eating with this pregnancy. She's been this way the entire time. She only threw up a couple of times but other than that engulfs food like nothing. Needless to say she has already started packing on the pounds. She's never had this with any of her other kids.

kamilla's mum 1 child; Pennsylvania 213 posts
Oct 2nd '08

I was really hungry all through the first trimester (on days I wasnt throwing up) but its starting to get less and less and now I gotta froce myself to eat in the second trimester.

Gabriel & Halo's Mommy 2 kids; Texas 5635 posts
Oct 2nd '08

that's how i was with this pregnancy. i would crave things like crazy and eat and eat!!!! My boyfriend thought i was pregnnat and i was like "nah! i'm just fat" but sure enough, i'm pregnant haha

Chase and Riley's Momma 2 kids; Gaston, Indiana 1039 posts
Oct 2nd '08

That's how I knew I was pregnant the first time and this time. I was eating everything in it helped tame the nausea. With my first pregnancy I gained like 30 lbs in the first 4 months, but only gained 10 more lbs the rest of the pregnancy. I'm on the same path right now....The only thing that saved me last time was because I found I had gestational diabetes so I had to watch what I ate, and this time I'm kind of anticipating having it again so I have been kind of careless about what I eat :?

J.J.'s here!!! 1 child; Pennsylvania 129 posts
Oct 2nd '08

:) Go ahead and eat all you can girl. At least you don't have morning sickness:x

Remember, every pregnancy is different.

-*-Kristen-*- 33 kids; Maryland 5965 posts
Oct 2nd '08

HaHa! Thanks everyone!