contractions at 33 weeks? mamma_phoenix 1 child; Chesterton, Indiana 80 posts
Sep 30th '08

well, I was at the hosp yesturday.
there was no fetal this movement this past weekend... and none in the hospital, so thy transported me to a hospital that has baby monitoring equipment. of course when i got there baby started bouncing around like crazy! well that's good. BUT the nurses starting freaking out cuz i was having mild contractions every 3 min! they don't bother me too bad..and they didnt feel like labor contractions. i just thought they were braxton hicks'. so they checked me, my cervix is not dialated, but it is thinning out. so they let me go even though i was still having contractions. the nurse said that i may go into preterm labor within the next few weeks. so, i gotta be careful. I'm still having very small contractions today... but not too bad. anybody else have this happen before?

*~Bunny~Hump~* 1 child; North Dakota 6820 posts
Sep 30th '08

Yeah... I'm surprised they didn't put you on any kind of drugs to stop them... Bedrest?? Anything? Best wishes..

CoryLynn 1 child; Brussels, Illinois 943 posts
Sep 30th '08

I'm 35 weeks... I started having BH contractions around 30 weeks and I get them alot throughout the day. My doc wanted to check my cervix to make sure they weren't causing me to dialte since I have them so frequently and I drink plenty of water... I was dialted two weeks ago or thinning out so she wasn't worried. She said to give her a call if the contractions get worse but they've stayed the same. I go back Thursday and she's going to check me every week now. I'm surprised they didn't put you on bestrest since your thinning already.

mamma_phoenix 1 child; Chesterton, Indiana 80 posts
Sep 30th '08

nope, they just said take it easy, and be careful. and go to my regular appoints.

BABY COACH Due May 9; 2 kids; Alabama 1310 posts
Sep 30th '08
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Christine_Elizabeth 5 kids; 1 angel baby; St. Petersburg, FL, United States 7422 posts
Sep 30th '08

Yeah a similar thing happened to me at 32 weeks. I went in for vaginal pain and the saw contractions. I could hardly feel them. They sent me home and told me to rest and drink lots of water. I continued to have them off and on and I made it to 37 weeks when my water broke naturally when I WASN'T having contractions. LoL Just take it easy and keep hydrated for sure.

What if... 2 kids; Ontario 4587 posts
Sep 30th '08

i have no idea but i just wanted to wish you good luck :)
it scares me that I\m not going to know i'm having contractions when it happens because i have no idea what they are going to feel like.
hopefully your baby will stay in there until he/she is good and ready

Riley's momma 2 kids; Clayton, Wisconsin 431 posts
Sep 30th '08

Happened to me last Thursday! I have a cervical cerclage and was having contractions every 2 1/2 - 3 min. They tried stopping with trebutilne(sp) but it didn't work and then they used Mag. My cervix is now 80% effaced and 1cm dialted. I'm back on bedrest cause my cerclage could tear if I continue to contract and dialate. They also put me on pottassium because it was very low and antibiotics for tonsillitus. They think thats why I was in preterm labor again. This is my 3rd time since 24 weeks!! Just have to make it to Oct 23rd and my stitch comes out!! I'll be 36 weeks 4 days so they'll let me have him then if he wants to come! I really hope I'm not still contracting until then like I have been. Try to take it easy and rest cause you want your baby to come home with you when he's born!! That's my biggest fear is having him now because I will be shipped off the the Twin Cities to deliver him and he will have to stay there and I'll have to drive 2 hours one way to see him. I hope you make it!!! Good luck.

mamma_phoenix 1 child; Chesterton, Indiana 80 posts
Sep 30th '08

im sorry, i hope your baby decides to wait. i want mine to wait until at least after Oct. 14, cuz that is when my husband's graduation for (ARMY) basic training is. and it's in Fort Knox, KY, which is 8 hours from me.
and i really wanna go, but i dont wanna delivver there! also if baby comes before then, my husband willl try to come back home cuz they allow him 2 wweeks (sorry having a little contraction right now) to see the baby, when i go into labor. i want him to see baby, but i want him to graduate on time too.
hope the babies wait!

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Apr 11th '10
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Apr 11th '10

I've had regular contractions quite a few times, and some very 'good' ones during monitoring.

Usually they call those 'little' ones uterine irritability, which can come from a full bladder, nerves, dehydration, etc. But, if there's no cause it is a risk factor for preterm labor.

So I've had that, and the actual contractions, and my LO is still in there, dropped, but still in there.

If they weren't enough to have the hospital stop them, then you should be fine. It might have just been uterine irritability, which isn't really a concern.

2+2=Done 20 kids; Orange, California 3135 posts
Jun 22nd '10
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