Help! Ferber method and naps Emi 81 kids; Arizona 1382 posts
Sep 28th '08

I started the ferber method on my 8 month old on thursday.Everything is going great, he's falling asleep faster and sleeping longer, HOWEVER no luck with naps. He will lay there for 30-40 min and not calm down like at night, but then he is soo tired.One day he eventually fell asleep in the car, and the other day in the stroller.
Ferber speaks about babies having different associations with naps sometimes. Do you think if I lay down with him for his nap, it will mess up his nighttime association and make the nights harder again? I'm at my wits end!
Anybody has experience with this? Please help!

user banned 18 kids; Intercourse, Alabama 21308 posts
Sep 28th '08
Quoting Emi:
Fatty McRunnerPants 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Clearlake, California 59395 posts
Sep 28th '08

If you haven't already try a naptime routine. Like a bedtime routine, only a bit shorter. For Will we do "piggys" (even though he no longer needs burped, lol) and "piggy backscratch" while rocking him. Or we read him a story and rock him. Without the routine he's lost... completely, lol.

Other than that just give it time, and he'll catch on.

JenMomma_of_many 5 kids; 803 posts
Sep 28th '08

we did naps in the living room so they were in the travel crib so it was a different space i think this helps. but if u try it and it seems to mess up bed time then just stop. does ur child have a comfort item like a blankie passie or stuffy? u might try to use something like this to let them know its sleep time.

Emi 81 kids; Arizona 1382 posts
Sep 28th '08

I layed down with him and nursed him for his nap today. He was a happy boy, and was out in a few minutes, and slept for 2.5 hours. And tonight guess what!?
No crying!!! Was asleep in a few minutes!
A huge weight is off my shoulders. I can't believe that this worked!

Thanks again!

Allacia 2 kids; Aberdeen, North Carolina 855 posts
Sep 28th '08

I started the FM about 3 weeks ago with my 1 year old in preparation for her sister coming (tomorrow). There was no way in heck I was going to have 2 kids in the bed with me (my husband is deployed right now, but was able to come home for this birth), not to mention, co-sleeping just wasn't working for us anymore... neither of us were sleeping.

I, too, was nervous about naps, but she's done absolutely WONDERFUL with our naptime 'routine'. I think somone else said to do a shorter version of your bedtime routine, and I find that works. I also made the naps shorter, but added an extra nap during the day so she's still getting the same amount of sleep.

Naptime routine for us consists of cuddling while watching a cartoon then after it's over asking if she wants to go 'night night' and take a nap. (She starts waving night night). Then we say night night to all the rooms that she see's on the way to her bedroom (front door, stair ways, living room, kitchen, Mommy/Daddy's room). Then I lay her down 'I love you, night night, sweet dreams' and leave the room. If she does fuss, it's only for the few seconds it takes me to get to the door, and once she see's that I've left the room she quits.

Our sleep sched:
Morning wake up btwn 7-7:30a
Nap 1from 9:30-10
Nap 2 from 12:30- 1:30
Nap 3 from 3:30-4 (following the 'No naps after 4p rule).
*I've found the last nap essential for my sanity after 6. She usually gets really cranky around that time; I just try to keep her super active so she doesn't notice as much.
Start bedtime routine @ 7:50 and she's in bed and asleepat 8:30.]

I would be REALLY careful about laying down with your son for naps. You don't want him to start associating nap-time with you. Not to mention, you'll NEVER get anything done if you always have to lay down with him for his naps. It'll only get worse as he gets older (trust me, I did that with my daughter until she was a year old). I would try to sneak away from my daughter so I could get some housework done, and when she figured out that Ileft her after she fell asleep she started wrapping her fingers in my hair and stuff like that soI would be more likely to wakeher up if I tried to get up.

Keep in mind every child is different, so it might just take your sona little time adjusting to naps alone.