Ok, so what happens *after* the baby comes out? SeaGoatSarah Great Lakes, 27 posts
Sep 27th '08

There seems to be a complete lack of information on this topic. I assume that in a C-section birth that they show you the baby, take it to be cleaned and whatnot, and stitch you up. Do they give you any hardcore drugs? That scares me, that everyone will forget I'm laying there with a fresh incision and my anesthesia will just *wear off*.
I know almost nothing about what happens after a vaginal birth. I've seen on TV that they catch the baby and then chuck the baby on your chest(which seems a little unsafe to me, but... idk.) So... what next? I guess they take the baby awayfor cleaning and all that good stuff. I read that the nurses take your baby to the nursery and your husbandjust kind of forgets about you and wanders after the baby. So what happens to me, here? I assume I'll be really tired, in pain, and pissed that they took my baby and left me alone.How do they do stitches? Will I even have to know they're being done? I know it will probably have to happen, but I'd rather just pretend it's not happening.Will they give me any serious pain medication after a V-birth, or will I have to hound them for it? How long until I can get into a proper, clean bed? I guess what I'm asking here is, Will I be ignored or taken care of after the baby comes out? It sounds selfish, I know, and in the best case scenario I will be totally stoked over my baby being born and not even care about myself. But honestly, I'm afraid that they'll whisk the baby away and I'll be left in a puddle of my own blood and poo, forgotten and in pain. Yeah, I guess that sums it up. :(

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Sep 27th '08

There are labor nurses and pediatric nurses, each have their own job! You'll be ok I promise!

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Sep 27th '08
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Sep 27th '08

well after the baby comes out dot forget delivering the placenta! im guessing thats whats going down with you ehile the baby is being cleaned and oogled by the husban/boyfirned/babys daddy/whatever he is... haha at least thats how I see it... and im pretty sure since your paying for medical care (or insurance) that they will pay plenyyyyyy of attention to you as well as your lil one!

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Sep 27th '08

There are doctors for you, and doctors for the baby.
You will not be ignored.

And you will not be drugged unless you ask for it.

ListerFIEND™ 2 kids; New York 43563 posts
Sep 27th '08

I don't know about you guys but the thought of some chick being left on a table all cut open going; "Hello?"

While everyone else celebrates the baby, including her OB doc, is kind of hilarious to me.

That was the mental image I got from this post.

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Sep 27th '08

lol Kimmay!!! I absolutely LOVE ur avatar (or whatever its called)!!! That's freakin hilarious!!!

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Sep 27th '08

your over

ok i'll tell you how my last birth went. induction lasted 10hrs, pushed for 40mins. The doctor/nurses help you push in a way most nurses should help you stretch as the baby comes down. When you crown they call the doctor in the doctor will then continue what the nurse was doing as soon as you push the head out they suction the mouth, take the cord off the neck if its on there, you usually push just one more time for the shoulders, the doctor hasa the baby in his hands as you push. the moment i'm assuming he feels the baby come out he grabs him/her and continues to suction. my doctor held my son as my husband cut his cord, then he was propped on my belly and i spent a few minutes with him.
then they took him cleaned him off some more and got a weight etc. as soon as they are done they give your baby back and you spend time together.

once you push out your baby your body will still contract to push out the placenta so you will be laying there for a bit as he cleans you out or stitches you up incase you tore.

it all goes so fast though i promise.

as for a c-section i couldnt help you

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Sep 27th '08

You'll be so busy looking at/for the baby (around a nurse or something, s/he won't be You won't even notice they are working on you. If you need an episiotomy or just stitches they will numb the area first before they cut or stitch. (at least they did with me)

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Sep 27th '08

With a c-section, they are showing you the baby while they stitch you back up, and your BF/DH will be there with you. You'll be so busy with emotions that you won't even notice them doing it. C-sections come with alot of pain killers... breathe! Do you know which route you're going yet?

Lisa ♥ [bft.fbb] 3 kids; Gosford, Australia 28510 posts
Sep 27th '08

Yeah trust me you wont be ignored, and you will be that interested in loving your baby that you wont care either.
As for getting into a clean bed after you have your baby and have delivered and had stitches or whatever they encourage you to go to the shower and have a wee and when you come back.. clean bed :P if you have an epi they will clean you up and change your bedding so your not sitting in yuk all night.


SeaGoatSarah Great Lakes, 27 posts
Sep 27th '08

*whew* You guys rock. I feel a lot better about this now, thank you so much :D

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Sep 27th '08

In the hosptial I delivered out a "birthing team" came in during the delivery. About 3 people were for the baby and the other 6 or 7 were for me. When you are pushing you are at the end of the bed so your bed shouldn't get too dirty. There is also like a throw up pan on the floor to catch all the placenta and all. When my daughter was born I didn't hold her right away. She had maconium in her lungs so they had to suck them out first. Then they cleaned her up and gave her to her daddy while they stitched me up. I was in the recovery room for about 2 hours after I had her. But probably only about 45 minutes of it was the part you are thinking about. I had some complications so I had to stay longer. You won't be overlooked, trustme. YOU are the patient. They are there to assist in the birth of your child. If you have any questions set up a tour with your hospital or just ask your Dr!

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Sep 27th '08
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Sep 27th '08

umm didnt read through all of this but then i figured your just asking what happens next. So for me {i had a c section} they took the baby out and wiped her off {while they were finishing taking out the placenta ect} then they showed her to me and her and my mother were sent to the nursery. after this i had a nurse assigned to stand next to me and talk to me {they were trying to keep me awak i had a very intense labor and was pretty drugged up} then they stapeled me shut and cleaned me off {stomach and lower region ect} they got a new gurney {cuz the one they operate on is not the one they roll you in on} and i was switched to a fresh new gurney {all nice and basically cleaned} they wheeled me into the recovery room where they watched my vitals and keep the drugs flowing lol {i had to be watched a little more closely i was forgetting to breath but it had been like i said a lonnnngg labor, i went in on the 11th and gave birth on the 13th so imagine} anyway after my bleeding stopped and everything was good i got transfered to my room and it went from there, but dont worry they def dont forget about you in a c section if anything after your babies taken away its literally all about you and your all about wondering where the hell your baby is lol