Not walking! help! - another UPDATE PG 2!!! So HAPPY!!! :-) Stef ♥Gru41weeks Due June 23; 51 kids; United Kingdom 2095 posts
Apr 3rd '07
ok last time i updated i messed up, and ended up deleting the original first post to my update post. but im now posting again with updates and it shud be on page 2. (maybe page 3) but yes updates. :D

my boy is only 11days away from turning 18months old, and he is not walking! well he will walk when holding onto the furniture ('cruising' as ive heard it being called) and he will walk for a few minutes if i hold his hands and walk behind him, but it will be on his tippy-toes. what do i do. he should be walking by 18months and he wont. he wont even stand alone unaided! i cant deal with this. he is good at pulling himself up but he will not let go and just walk! i find him happily holding onto both sides of his cot and zooming backwards and forewards, but thats it, what can i do????? :?
elbarr Australia 1 posts
Aug 28th '11

My 16 month old daughter is also refusing to walk on her own, she prefers to crawl or walk on her knees also. she'll walk fine holding someones hand but as soon as you try and let go of her she drops to her knees and crawls. she even pushes her push toy around on her knees. Shes been cruising since about 11 months so i thought she'd be walking for sure by her 1st birthday! I havent been worried because i know that she can but is probably just lacking the confidence and maybe even a bit of laziness. It does get to me when people make comments and try to give advice about what you should and shouldn't do or have done as someone mentioned in an earlier post. I guess she'll do it in her own time when shes ready. I think the people who make those comments or give those surprised reactions have never heard of kids developing at different rates!!!