pureed food in g tube feedings Beaunkev California 2 posts
Sep 27th '08

I want to know if anyone here gives there child pureed food or baby food through there child's g- tube? I have been given my daughter some baby food through her tube and she has actually been a lot happier than before with her pediasure with fiber formula. I also give her some poly-visol vitamins and she seems more active. But I want to know if anyone has tried it before and had problems with it or it turned out great?

user banned 1 child; New Orleans, Louisiana 18159 posts
Sep 27th '08

Did you ask her pedi before doing this?

MeghanK 65 kids; Florida 3291 posts
Sep 27th '08

I agree with the poster above. Did you ask first? My daughter is G-tube fed as well. Her ped said it did't matter if I put food in or not. As long as she gets the calories she needs. She is on neosure though and absolutly refuses to eat anything by mouth. I also give her poly vi sol. It works wonders for Kadence. Thank goodness she doesn't have to taste it though. It smells awful!

Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
Sep 27th '08
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Beaunkev California 2 posts
Sep 27th '08
Yes I discussed this with her ped but I wanted to hear it from a mom that has or is going through it. How do they manage it?
kaylapearson Illinois 3 posts
Oct 5th '08
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pedisarah Texas 1 posts
Mar 16th '09

hey there,
i would love to help you with your daughter's g-tube feeds regarding real food. email me at and maybe i can give you a few tips that would help!

Heather Castelan Missouri 1 posts
Oct 10th '10

There is a lot of info on the web look up blended diet or homemade blended diet or blenderized diet or even real food through feeding tube. My son has been on g tube feeds since end of may and we have been putting in real foods through his tube. If you don't want a lot of work you can put like baby foods through. What we do is first offer it by mouth, and every child is different so i am not sure what your daughter can eat, but we give it to him by mouth first than whatever he doesn't eat we give it to him through is tube you can do bolus with a syringe and just practice before putting it through to get a perfect pace. Than make sure you flush with plenty of water. And if your daughter doesn't have problems with volumes than you can dilute it and it will go through a pump. But you have to make sure that there is enough calories and everything is really clean. But there is a lot of info out there you just have to look for it where parents give advice on what they are doing and how they started and even if you look hard enough recipes, but again you have to make sure it is good for your child because every child is different. Try a website at, there is a lot of info here and just search the things above like blended diet or real food through tube. And you will find info. Hope everything works out for you and your daughter

SosaFam Sosa Japan 32 posts
Feb 3rd '12

My son was born 3 months premature and had 3 intestenal surgeries so he has a small bowel syndrome and has to be fed through a G-tube. Recently I also started giving him some fresh squeezed Carrot Juice mixed with fresh squeezed Celery juice that we make at home and he has been doing great. I'm glad i found this forum because now i know its safe to feed cereals through the Gtube.