plane ride with 4 month old!!! *I Induce* 2 kids; Dallas, Texas 11089 posts
Sep 20th '08

its going to be hell huh? im terrified first of all for even taking a plane for 5 hours from tx to ca by myself let alone with her! i just have a fear were going to crash and die! but i need to go back.. anyway what can and cant i bring on the plane? i bf but im thinking i should bring some formula just in case.. can i do that? im so scared shes gona be freaking out on the plane. my bf said her ears are going to really hurt her a lot.. do they? PLZ HELP!

Pokie Due January 21; 1 child; California 27 posts
Sep 20th '08

i'm flying next week with my 4 month old as well. i heard if you breastfeed during take off and landing it really helps. It's probably the same with bottlefeeding.

IDID-VBAC 12/09 2 kids; Alaska 44107 posts
Sep 20th '08

I flew with my daughter when she was 3 months, I was so dreading it but it turned out to be really good, except for the fact I was exhausted after lol. She slept most of time and when she was awake I had toys and a bottle for her. The stewards/esses were an amazing help. I also flew alone with her. You can bring formula/breast milk on the plane, when going through security you just have to seperate it from the rest of your stuff as it goes through the x-ray. Make sure you have an extra blanket for her if it gets chilly, You never know on the plane. My daughters ears were fine, I bought the really small bathroom dixie cups and held them over her ears. She ended up laying on my chest, so I held her one ear to my chest and put the cup over the other for take off and landing and she did just great.Breastfeeding her or giving her a bottle would do just as good as the cups.

S.O.B. 2 kids; Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 1264 posts
Sep 20th '08

Give her something to suck on (bottle, b**b, binky, etc) for take off and landing.

Mommy2022 34 kids; Applewood, Pa, United States 9644 posts
Sep 20th '08

Take the car seat to the gate (if you did not buy her a seat) if they have empty seats they will let you use it. It is also safer to gate check the car seat. I dont know about formula and that stuff. We took my daughter on a plane and it never bothered her ears just I gave her a paci at that age and now I just give her a sippy cup.

anniegebel {BBC} 3 kids; Georgia 2853 posts
Sep 20th '08

4 month olds are so much easier to fly with that 1 year olds! I've flown with my kids many times and just breastfed them on take off and landing. I also held them in my lap, that way if they were uncomfortable I didn't have to have a silly grin on my face while my kid screamed in the seat next to me, plus I breastfed and could do that much more easily with baby in lap than b**b over carseat!

sammiisasleep 2 kids; Utah 189 posts
Sep 20th '08

I just flew with my 2 year old and 4 month old and before my son was born I had my daughter on TONS (like 20-25) of flights and most of them were when she was under a year. It'll be fine, people are usually REALLY nice and helpful. Don't be afraid to ask for help. When you check your bags ask how many open seats they have. If they have some open they will let you bring your car seat on which makes it a lot easier. If they don't you may want to check it then so it's one less thing to hassle with going through security. If you can't take your car seat on, I would take a baby carrier/sling. That way you do not have to hold your baby the entire time (your arms will get tired and there will be no where to put them down). Also, as someone mentioned, take something for them to suck on during take off and landing. I never noticed it to be a problem.

tivadoll Due December 18; 1 child; Texas 2887 posts
Sep 20th '08

I just flew from Texas to New York with my 4 month old son. I was surprised by how well he did! The first flight I pumped so that I would have a bottle to feed him while taking off. By the second flight I just decided to breast feed him. It worked out that when we took off he was nursing and then slept the whole flight. I actually thinkthe hum of the plane helped him to relax because he usually gives me a hard time going to sleep but he didnt on the airplane. Honestly the hardest part about it was I was uncomfortable because I was holding him the whole time, lol. I think you will be surprised by how well they do at that age.

Also on one of the flights they moved us to the front of the plane because we needed to be in a seat with infant oxygen masks and that was cool because it was the seat with lots of leg room :lol:

oh ya and some airlines let you board the plane first!