Halloween Costumes For A 2 month old !-l♥v3-my-l!l-g!rl 1 child; Colorado 16 posts
Sep 20th '08

Any Ideas I really wanna take Maddie out for her first Halloween...
She is only 2 months are there any fitting cute costumes out there that you have seen?

*~Bunny~Hump~* 1 child; North Dakota 6820 posts
Sep 20th '08

Haley is being a bunny!! :D

the assassin 2 angel babies; Roseville, MI, United States 2936 posts
Sep 20th '08

Lil Matt's a pumpkin! :D (he's 3 months old)

Gretchen Weiners Due October 25 (girl); 3 kids; Chicago, Illinois 52960 posts
Sep 20th '08

Gav was 6 months old for Halloween last year and he was a peapod :)

I think a Tootsie Roll would be cute!

Jacey*Lyn 1 child; 11678 posts
Sep 20th '08

target, old navy, and partycity all have cute baby costumes.

jacey is 6mo shes going to be a chili pepper, lol


Danielle♥Ry (Jul08) 2 kids; Illinois 1740 posts
Sep 20th '08

My daughter will be 3 months and she is gonna be a butterfly

Deacon's Mommy 1 child; Arden, 1153 posts
Sep 20th '08

Deacon has two costumes a monkey and a blue three-eyed monster. He'll almost be 5 months on Halloween.

Dani&Mason 1 child; Calgary, Alberta 4410 posts
Sep 20th '08

I saw one idea online that I thought was really cute.
They swaddled their little girl in a bright orange blanket and put a green hat with a pom-pom on her head... she went as a carrot. :lol:

S.O.B. 2 kids; Broken Arrow, Oklahoma 1264 posts
Sep 20th '08

Jackson was 2 months on his 1st Halloween and he was a chicken.

Jessica - Brookes mom Connecticut 2306 posts
Sep 20th '08

Brooke is 6 months she is going to be a witch - BRU has sooo many cute ones look on their website to

meeeeeeeeee Egypt 47430 posts
Sep 20th '08

josh will be almost 9 months, i dont know what he is gonna be

!-l♥v3-my-l!l-g!rl 1 child; Colorado 16 posts
Sep 20th '08

I kinda want her to be a cow??? How cute wiukd that be??? lmao

Rette Mich 1 child; Texas 27612 posts
Sep 20th '08

Kaden is going to be a kitty ^^ Actually its a tiger but I keep saying kitty because my MIL said that she wouldnt let me make him a kitty!! The hell I cant lol