subchronic hemorrhage? Stephanie ♥ Wallkill, New York 420 posts
Sep 7th '08

I went to the ER because I had wicked cramps and they weren't going away. I saw my baby and heard it's heart beat for the first time! :) Anyways, my real due date is March 30th and my baby's heart rate was 171 beats a minute, is this normal? And they also said that I had a small subchronic hemorrhage, did anyone else have this? I'm scared because I don't wanna lose this baby.... please help!

BlueJenn 1 child; Mission Viejo, Ca, United States 2523 posts
Sep 7th '08

That is a normal heart beat.. but i have no idea on the subchronic hemorrhage...

Stephanie ♥ Wallkill, New York 420 posts
Sep 7th '08

Yeah, they said that my baby is doing fine and everything's normal. It's just that small subchronic hemorrhage that's bothering me.

Carter ♥ 1 child; Maryland 425 posts
Sep 7th '08

Subchorionic hemorrhage (subchorionic hematoma) is the most common sonographic abnormality in the presence of a live embryo. Vaginal bleeding affects 25% of all women during the first half of pregnancy and is a common reason for first-trimester ultrasonography. Sonographic visualization of a subchorionic hematoma is important in a symptomatic woman because pregnant women with a demonstrable hematoma have a prognosis worse than women without a hematoma. However, small, asymptomatic subchorionic hematomas do not worsen the patient's prognosis.
In women whose sonogram shows a subchorionic hematoma, the outcome of the fetus depends on the size of the hematoma, the mother's age, and the fetus's gestational age. Rates of miscarriage increase with advancing maternal age and increasing size of hematoma. Late first- or second-trimester bleeding also worsens the prognosis.

thats what i found on when i looked it up..hope it helps

~Muffybabe~*LSM* 18 kids; Australia 839 posts
Sep 7th '08

I had some bleeding with my third baby at 11weeks, the haemorrhage was about 3cm across...Scared the crap out of me (considering at the time, the baby is only about 4.5cm..don't ask me inches lol) .
I had more bleeding at about 30weeks and nothing was found in that ultrasound.. I now have a beautiful, happy little 10month old boy!

Hope that makes you feel a little better, try not to stress too much..its a hard position to be in. I was an absolute mess at the time.

Goodluck with everything.
let us know how your doing later.