Foul smelling urine? Amandua 17 kids; Oregon 432 posts
Sep 2nd '08

My daughter just turned one on August 20th (yay!) and I've noticed thather urine smells really bad/strong sometimes. She is prone to diaper yeast, and I thought maybe that was the cause...her ped has me treating it with Lotrimin. Of course I completely forgot to ask about it at her 1 year appt last week. The foul smelling urine showed up about a month ago and I figured it was something she ate (she doesn't eat any meat yet). However, I've noticed it comes and goes. The last few days it hasn't gone away and it smells pretty bad. It's not dark colored and she has regular wet diapers. She drinks plenty of water and is still nursing about 4-5 times a day (I love nursing, I hope she doesn't wean herself anytime soon!) :D Has anyone else experienced this? I'm going to call the ped tomorrow and ask about it, but I thought maybe someone else might have some ideas...

a n n a[♥] 1 child; Utah 436 posts
Sep 3rd '08

the same thing happened w. my daughter a few months ago..
in the morning especially, her diapers would smell soooo weird. it didn't smell like urine it was stronger. i got worried & wondered if she could've had a uti, she didn't have anyother symtoms though, other than the weird smelling urine.
we took her in for a check.up, & everything else was completly normal.
her diapers haven't smelled like that since, but just like your daughter,her diapers smelled like that for about a month, on & off, maybe a little more..
all i can think of is, it must've been that box of diapers we had that month that made her urine smell so strong..
we've always used the same kind, pampers cruisers, so idk?! maybe it was just that certain batch of diapers, that did something to make them smell so bad?!?! idk..
maybe it was just a coinsidence, but after we used up that box, her urine stopped smelling.

xamandica42o143x 18 kids; California 572 posts
Sep 3rd '08

my daughter had the same thing but shed get moody outta no where I waited a while when I took her in she had a urinary track infection. try no sented whipes hair soap or bubble bathe lotion ect