burning c-section incision? FU Cuba 454 posts
Aug 29th '08

hi ladies,
i had my baby by c-section on 5 days ago. did anyone experience burning around their incision? my incision burns when i get up and sit down and when i walk? my doctor put dissolvable stiches and some type of glue on top of that. Any help would be appreciated cause if its something serious iam going to the doctor on tuesday. not to mention that i got a painful UTI from the catheter that it hurts to pee. thanks:(

Blissful 3 kids; Massachusetts 5913 posts
Aug 29th '08

I had glue as well... I don't remember any burning, just the pulling feeling when I was walking or moving around.. You should probably call your dr to be safe!!

Hailey & Chase 1 child; Waukesha, Wisconsin 1137 posts
Aug 29th '08

my burned too. I'm two weeks PP and sometimes it still burns...mainly after sitting for long periods of time.

SaraLiz Due February 27 (girl); 3 kids; Michigan 5995 posts
Aug 29th '08

Yeah, that's the kind of pain I felt, it was a burning pain. Every once in a while now that it's all stretched from baby #2 it will burn a bit. I was told it's just the muscles stretching, like when you exercise and they burn.

Brittany ♥ P 17 kids; Lilburn, Georgia 4064 posts
Aug 29th '08

That's the EXACT same thing I felt, sometimes I even felt like it was going to rip open. It obviously never did, but it sure felt that way. So I'm sure what you're feeling is just normal :)

Twins and a spare Melyssa 3 kids; New Mexico 392 posts
Aug 29th '08
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MarinesSweetheart Due December 30 (girl); 1 child; Texas 448 posts
Aug 30th '08

I had that feeling too, right before they took the staples out and right after as well. I asked the AP at my dr's office about it and she said it's totally normal and the feeling should fade within a couple of weeks. I'm 4 wks PP today and I havent felt that burning feeling in over a week. As long as it doesnt look infected or get more painful it should be fine.

FU Cuba 454 posts
Aug 30th '08

thanks alot ladies you made me feel alot better....also one of my mom's friends came by today to see the baby and she said that it's the nerves that are reconnecting from being cut during the surgery... thanks again:D

Dinca 3 kids; Morada, CA, United States 6409 posts
Aug 30th '08

Keep track of the burning just to be safe as well! Redness, discharge, and burning are signs of infection. Check your fever if you get more symptoms. Best of luck!

Valerie Paz Georgia 1 posts
Dec 4th '11

I had a c section done an about 6 days ago after I had the painful burning when I was just sitting down I was stitched in the inside an glued on the outside I think it was glue pulling my skin but if the burning pain persist I will be going to the ER took too pain pills an it's gone now but if comes back I will go to ER hopefully it's not an infection.

Melina Blackwell Due April 29; Japan 2 posts
May 9th '12

I am a week out and have also had that exact same burning w/ walking, sitting, etc. I even noticed some slight rash-like redness around the incision. My dr also used the glue and tape. She had me remove the tape thinking I may have an allergy. She is having me use otc hydrocortisone on the rash. It makes it so hard to care for my LO. Very frustrating. Hope it disapears soon. Also I noticed w the burning the pain meds didn't touch it.

Update: I finally went to the ER after no one would listen about my excruciating burning pain. I had a bad infection and had to have the 1st layer of my incision opened and cleaned out. Now I have a wound vac there to close it up. If you're having burning get it checked out asap and do not take no for an answer!!

Tracie List Due April 29 (boy); Iowa 2070 posts
May 9th '12

i would be more concerned with the uti...hopefully you are on antibiotics for that because they can go from bad to REALLY bad quite fast....the last thing you need now is to be in the hospital with a kidney infection from an untreated uti....

the burning is quite common with csection recovery. ive had it with all 4 of mine...