quief Saylee's mommy 1 child; Minneapolis, Minnesota 225 posts
Aug 28th '08

Is it okay to still quief during intercourse if your 35 wks. pregnant also.

Sody's party of six 6 kids; Lancaster, Ohio 10094 posts
Aug 28th '08

That word cracks me UP!

deleted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! California 356 posts
Aug 28th '08

:D heh heh

WeenieMachine 3 kids; Japan 27915 posts
Aug 28th '08

Queef? Air in vagina come out? Yes. Last time I checked that was something you couldn't really control.

♥ Shizzle ♥ 3 kids; Texas 11875 posts
Aug 28th '08

What? LOL! Just WHAT? :lol:

||||||||||||||||||||||||| Due May 17; 1 child; la jolla, BC, United States 2372 posts
Aug 28th '08

uh..i don't see why no noise shouldn't come out of down there cus ur pregnant. google itthough

Jawbreaker 1 child; Florida 9684 posts
Aug 28th '08


Lizzie [40 weeks] Due January 7 (boy); 1 child; Swansea, Massachusetts 473 posts
Aug 28th '08

lmao. sorry i know its a serious question but i still had to laugh.

It's Princess Sunnee to U 1 child; Milton, Pennsylvania 5390 posts
Aug 28th '08

:shock::shock::shock::shock::shock: um.... wow, just wow....... seriously?

Milkshake Maker 50 kids; Ohio 3698 posts
Aug 28th '08

bahahaha. That word makes me giggle.
Maybe Im still a little immature? IDK..but it makes me laugh.

I dont see how being pregnant would change that fact of 'queefing' though.

Puff the magic dragon 2 kids; Kitchener, Ontario 13479 posts
Aug 28th '08


quief! :lol:

Toby&Evans Mommy [Lisa] Due June 4; 18 kids; 2 angel babies; Florida 19456 posts
Aug 28th '08


Mama [kdv] 1 child; Arizona 32176 posts
Aug 28th '08

Lmao, this made me giggle. Sorry.

yo gabby gabby 4 kids; Arizona 42570 posts
Aug 28th '08

technically you would think pregnancy would make it

queef makes me larf!

Giselle's Mami 1 child; Missouri 1726 posts
Aug 28th '08

I dont see why it would change. It hasnt happened to me in a long time but i hate that noise... Idk if my bf knew what that was (why that noise came out) so I felt obligated to explain it to him a long time ago...i didnt want him to think i was farting:shock::lol::P:shock: