9 weeks pregnant w/twins and already showing. ~Kacie~ 17 kids; Clarksburg, West Virginia 5 posts
Aug 26th '08

I was just wondering how early any other moms started showing...moms that had twins of course. I am 9 1/2 weeks and my belly already popped out. While I dont mind this at all (I have only gained 1 pound).. my belly didnt stick out this much until I was at least 4 months with my first daughter. I was just curiouse to see how early other mothers of twins got their little baby bumps.

**Texan in Seattle** 2 kids; Washington 2681 posts
Aug 26th '08

Post a pic!! Lol, I'm curious to see a twin mommy belly that early.

D E V O N 1 child; Arizona 2907 posts
Aug 26th '08

well im not a mommy to twins, but ive heard that you show faster after your first pregnancy. plus, since theres 2 in there, well, it obvious why youre showing! congrats!

Crafty Momma 3 kids; Amelia, Ohio 4686 posts
Aug 26th '08
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Mavick Hialeah, Florida 6883 posts
Aug 26th '08

I have a cousin who's 15 weeks.. man.. she's been on maternity pants since at least 12 weeks.. I wanna see your belly!

Liz Plus Twins 2 kids; Chandler, Arizona 24323 posts
Aug 26th '08

I started showing at 20 weeks

Mama C~ TTA since Nov 2010; 10 kids; CHERRY POINT, North Carolina 11667 posts
Aug 26th '08
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*Mellow* 3 kids; York, Pennsylvania 17689 posts
Aug 26th '08

I had my twins the first pregnancy, but then with my second one people knew I was pregnant right away. I'm overweight to begin with, but by a few weeks out I was in maternity pants. Definitely different for a second pregnancy, but I'm not much help for being pregnant the second time with twins! lol
I could post a pic of me pregnant at 25 weeks with my twins...right before I went in the hospital until they were born.

~Kacie~ 17 kids; Clarksburg, West Virginia 5 posts
Aug 26th '08


*Mellow* 3 kids; York, Pennsylvania 17689 posts
Aug 26th '08

The pictures are terrible becuase the camera was crap, they were in a scrapbook, and I just scanned them...sorry.

Here is my bump at 25 weeks

Here is me at 33 weeks 2 days the night before delivery....

and a standing one a few days before delivery....

HollyBaby Virginia 1 posts
Aug 27th '08

i am not pregnant with twins....well i dunno if i am or not but i am only (10 weeks 2day) and my belly looks like i am already 5 months lol....people are telling me its because i am only 5 foot tall and the baby has no where else to go but out so if your short it might be why lol

Meggg ツ 3 kids; Wilmington, NC, United States 161 posts
Sep 24th '08
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Julia_Gomez 20 kids; Illinois 19 posts
Oct 14th '08

i am almost 8 week and i am showing already. This is my third pregnancy.

Indogo Due August 31; United Kingdom 20 posts
Jan 11th '09

I am 8 and a half weeks pregnant,and I just started showing :)
my early belly looks like thfirst picture on this thread :)

Mom to one girl Due March 9; 1 child; Louisiana 1 posts
May 30th '09

I'm 3 weeks pregnant and already starting to show. Did this ever happen to anyone else? Do you think it could be twins? Twins run on my Mom and Dad's side of the Family. Grandmother had 2 sets of twins and Great Grandmother on Moms side was a twin. Have a feeling I might be having twins. I did not start showing with my daughter till I was about 4 months pregnant. I now can't wear my shorts which could wear last week. Plus I'm 37 and there is a chance also of twins because of my age. Any information would be helpful.