Middle Name for Brooke Dano88 Louisville, Kentucky 14 posts
Aug 26th '08

We can't come up with a middle name for Brooke. We don't like typical MN's such as Lynn, Marie, Ann, etc. Any advice would be great! Our last name is Eadens.
Brooke _______ Eadens

MamaCass{+JOEW} 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Pennsylvania 42368 posts
Aug 26th '08

Brooke Sierra
Brooke Renee

Hmm...Brooke IS a hard name to find middle names for.

[♥]Mrs. Taylor 18 kids; Texas 12250 posts
Aug 26th '08

I think Elaine is really pretty with Brooke

Jessica plus two! TTC since Nov 2011; 1 child; Acme, Pennsylvania 371 posts
Aug 26th '08

Brooke Delaney Eadens.
Brooke Nicole Eadens.
Brooke Skylar Eadens.
Brooke Dakota Eadens.

*Emilee* Due September 15; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Bakersfield, CA, United States 4567 posts
Aug 26th '08

Brooke Neleah Eadens
Brooke Amelia Eadens
Brooke Isabella Eadens or Isabelle
Brooke Ainsley Eadens
Brooke Madelyn Eadens
Brooke Adelyn Eadens
Brooke Delaney Eadens
Brooke Abigail Eadens
Brooke Addison Eaden
Here's a few!

MamaLissa 1 child; Iowa 11770 posts
Aug 26th '08
Quoting Dano88:
MommaJoan Due March 1 (boy); 1 child; San Francisco, California 853 posts
Aug 26th '08

i like brooke paige

momof2beautifulgirls 2 kids; Arkansas 1035 posts
Aug 26th '08

brooke leshay
brooke leigh
brooke rachel
brooke rachelle

MommyBear 1 child; Smiths Station, 1091 posts
Aug 26th '08

brooke sienna
brooke mackenzie
brooke olivia
brooke lindley
brooke tomeko
brooke sariyah
brooke kassidy
brooke shania
brooke leighanna
brooke simone
brooke marissa

Lucas's_Maamii 1 child; Ontario 278 posts
Aug 26th '08

Brooke Meredith Eadens[for some reson Meredith popped right into my head when I seen your lastname was Eadens!]

I also like...

Brooke Madelyn Eadens
Brooke Amya Eadens
Brooke Anastasia Eadens
Brooke Sara Eadens
Brooke Kaylyn Eadens
Brooke Talia Eadens
Brooke Dahlia Eadens

hope these help! :D

KAMs Mama♥ 1 child; Beverly Hills, California 11719 posts
Aug 26th '08

I like Brooke Michelle or Brooke Mackenzie

[♥]Mrs. Taylor 18 kids; Texas 12250 posts
Aug 26th '08
Quoting momof2beautifulgirls:
.jAy BaBy. Oregon 6 posts
Aug 26th '08

Is the name going to be Brooke or Brooklyn?

i like brooke elizabeth
or brooke alizabeth


OrangeMami 2 kids; Illinois 334 posts
Aug 26th '08

I think that Brooke Alexis sounds pretty

Used2BeHere 1 child; Ohio 1152 posts
Aug 26th '08

Brooke Allie/Callie Eadens
Brooke Avery Eadens
Brooke Aurora Eadens
Brooke Allison Eadens
Brooke Alodie Eadens
Brooke Angel Eadens
Brooke Ashlyn Eadens
Brooke Auralee Eadens
Brooke Autumn Eadens
Brooke Adelaide Eadens
Brooke Cheyenne
Brooke Coralie Eadens
Brooke Elsie Eadens
Brooke Eleanor Eadens
Brooke Erin Eadens
Brooke Emerson Eadens
Brooke Idalee Eadens
Brooke Ivy Eadens
Brooke Jaleigh Eadens
Brooke Katherine Eadens
Brooke Kelsey Eadens
Brooke Lorelei Eadens
Brooke Natalie Eadens