transverse baby? kenimowy 2 kids; Oklahoma 977 posts
Aug 22nd '08

Anyone know how to tell if your baby is in the transverse position?
I think my baby is laying sideways because I feel 95% of all her movements on the left side of my stomach, and some on the right,, and alot of times I will feel movements on both the right and left side simutaniously, which tells me she is sideways.
Plus everytime I eat, no matter how big or small the amount, I feel like my stomach is absolutely just going to burst!
Does this sound right to think that she is laying that way and if so, should I worry at 32 weeks? I thought I read somewhere that she should already be laying at least in a vertical position, ready to drop?

Naturally Natalie 1 child; Oceanside, California 2129 posts
Aug 22nd '08

I thought my daughter was sideways but they checked and she was still head down. She just liked being on my left side.

HeatherOO7 18 kids; California 43068 posts
Aug 22nd '08

An ultrasound will tell you.

Lily was breech and LOVED punching my side!

Identical Girls 4 kids; South Dakota 477 posts
Aug 22nd '08
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kenimowy 2 kids; Oklahoma 977 posts
Aug 22nd '08
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Alyssa_the happy mommy 3 kids; Maryland 354 posts
Aug 22nd '08

i just found out yesterday at my 38 wks apptthat my son is transverse. i thought it was his butt he kept sticking up in the air and now i know, its his head! he's laying with his back along my left (if i look down) and his butt where his head SHOULD be and his head in the middle at the top and his arms punching my right along with one foot- the other foot is tucked behind him and kicking lower! ugh.
everytime he punches or kicks out against my right side, it pushes his back and head hard against my left side. its painful. they're going to try to turn him on monday if he doesnt do it himself. if they cant get him to or he turns back, they're going to discuss a c section. neither of my other kids did this. they were head down and other than being big babies, were easy!
with the c/s, at least i know when he'll be here and it'll be sooner rather than later! but i dont like the idea of them digging through my insides or not being able to hold him immediately when hes born! :(

Mary Glenn Due April 3 (girl); Fort Worth, Texas 3 posts
Mar 7th '11

I am afraid my baby girl may be transverse because she just feels like she is lying sideways and it feels that way to the touch. How do i really know?