Baby shaking while breast feeding MadisonK Due January 13; 2 kids; British Columbia 147 posts
Aug 20th '08

I'm very stressed about this right now! I was nursing my five month old son putting him for a nap he was about to fall asleep and his head and arm began to vibrate I took my b**b out of him mouth and began calling his name and tapping him he continued shaking and one of his eyes was kind of open but looked kind of liek he was sleeping. So I'm not sure if he was awake or asleep. He let out a little cry and after about 25 seconds his shakes started slowing down abit and I put my b**b back in his mouth and he was sleeping???? This happened once before and I took him to the doctors and she said it didn't sound like a sesuire to her, but to keep my eye on him the last time it happened it wasn't this intense. It really scared me I tried calling my doctor but the recepionist is being stupid and said she'd leave her a note about it... I don't have a car at home right now to go any where my husbands at work.. what do I do???

Peyton's Mom 2008 1 child; Florida 344 posts
Aug 20th '08

My son did something like this one time and noises even came out of his mouth. He was sleeping.

LuvinMyBabys 3 kids; Killeen, Texas 5443 posts
Aug 20th '08

Call the dr back and get hateful!!!

StellaBlue 1 child; Illinois 1472 posts
Aug 20th '08

I never heard of anything like that. You should call back the dr. and demand to talk to the nurse or him... I would want him to been seen.

capricorn007 34 kids; Phoenix, Arizona 725 posts
Aug 20th '08

That sounds like a sesuire to me. I would call the Dr back and tell the nurse that youdemand to talk to the DR now!!!! Good luck :)

MadisonK Due January 13; 2 kids; British Columbia 147 posts
Aug 20th '08

thanks I called back and they're going to call me right back they said! He's awake now he only slept for like 20 mins and is playing and laughing so he seems fine but I still just need to check what happened/

I love my boys!!! (BBM) 3 kids; Houston, Texas 3548 posts
Aug 20th '08
Quoting MadisonK:
Krystal Corpus 66 "BOY" 1 child; Dededo, Guam 3 posts
Nov 3rd '08

My baby does something like this too...
only its when hes sleeping and it sounds as if hes crying.

Maricela 2010 Texas 1 posts
Sep 26th '10

My son does the same thing only when he's drinking his bottle and falling asleep is when he's head vibrates the pediatrician said there is nothing wrong with him but he still does it. Can you tell me what happened with your baby?

Tate's Mom Due May 4 (girl); 1 child; Georgia 823 posts
Sep 26th '10

My son does this too. I told my peditrician and she said it was ok if he can be awakened when its happening (if I pat him he stops)'s like the stage of sleep he is going into. I'd like to know what your doctor says though!

West Side Mama Washington 1 posts
Aug 26th '11

This just happend to me and this was the second time it has happend. Please tell me how your baby is and what the doctor or nurse told you what it was. Thanks please reply soon. -Janelle

NYLA Love Due October 1 (girl); 1 child; Lawrenceville, Georgia 401 posts
May 3rd '12

MadisonK, what did the doctor say?