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Sep 8th '13

My mother had her first child when she was sixteen, and then had five more after that. As her third child I'm proud to say so far we all have graduated from high school on time, without failing any classes. My brother is to graduate this year and next year my sister starts high school. I couldn't be any more proud of baby brother who is only three and starts his first day of preschool tomorrow, yet he can already read, spell, count by multiples, add and subtract. I graduated with honors, and so far have had great grades in my college career, but I can't say it was as easy for the rest of my siblings. I was the only one not in resource throughout school but they've all made it along just fine. I'm only 19 now but when I have my baby I'll be 20. But to be honest I don't think that makes much of a difference. I believe if you're able to raise you child with its practical nessicities and love everything will turn out fine. I sing and read aloud to my bell every day and am anxious for the day I can teach her outside of the womb.

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Dec 8th '13

Quoting Orlaith:
I actually have replied to this before but i have too again.
Many ppl here know that im a mom of three and i just turned 20!
Oh jesus shot me now like. I had my first child at 17 when i was engaged i had my twins a few months ago still engaged to the same person shock horror. Im one of those awful irresponsible ppl you seem so convinced to put down. But you know what im not and neither are any of these girls. In fact i believe were better moms. Were all makikng HUGE sacrificies in our livese for our kids and are willing to do anything for them. Espically putting up with shit from ppl like you.
I go to college ill be a qualified lawyer in 2 years. My fiance and i own our own home we both work and support our kids WITHOUT WELFARE or support from families. And get this the twins WERE PLANNED. Yes i planned to be a mom of 2[didnt think it was three!] at the age of 19 and i dont regret it. So what if i want to be a young mom. so what if i want the energy to run after my kids and not embarrass them by looking like their granny at school meetings. Last time i checked it was my decision and my body.
Anyone who comes onto a forum thats here to support young mothers to lecture us and tell us what to do is totally out of order. We dont need you to patronoise us or tell us what to do. Were all perfectly capable of supporting each other and the advice i got on here was far better than that of any "adult mom".
Our decisions our our own not yours. Back off give us some space ok??

[Sorry for being so angry!]

Just out of curiosity did you finish your law degree? Just wondering...