does left side bedrest really make a difference glee 2 kids; Alexandria, Virginia 11 posts
Aug 15th '08

I have low amniotic fluid index of 8.4 which has been decreasing each week. I started bedrest last week. My dr. said to lay on my left side or all the way on the right side. Does it matter if I'm totally laying down or just reclining on my left side. Has anyone found that this position increased their amniotic fluid?
I'm almost 31 weeks along with a short cervix 2.3 as well. Luckily last they checked no dilation.

Crafty Momma 3 kids; Amelia, Ohio 4686 posts
Aug 15th '08
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*zachary's*mommy* 1 child; Houston, Texas 1881 posts
Aug 15th '08

just curious. How do you know if you have low amniotic fluid? I know I haven't been drinking enough water. But I have been the past 2 days. And I've heard a couple of girls on here say that their doc said they needed to drink more water because their fluid was low.

Owen's Mommy :) 1 child; Quincy, Massachusetts 4110 posts
Aug 15th '08

Not sure about amniotic fluid, but they put me on bedrest right before I ended up having Owen, and they were adament on me laying on my left side (my blood pressure was high). They didn't explain it, but the 1st reply to your post sounds smart. :)