Spinal Tap on a 5 wk old baby. Anna_M 2 kids; Maryland 3818 posts
Aug 7th '08

So my sil's 5 wk old baby boy was admitted to the hospital today with a temp of 100.4 degrees. The dr told her that he will be over after office hours to perform a spinal tap.(Im guessing to try to find what kinda infection is there)Has anyone been through this before do you know if this is just standard procedure with a newborn with a fever?
She is the only one at the hospital that has talked to the dr and knows whats going but shes a lil flighty anyways and we really dont wanna let her know how concerned we are to get her upset.
I was just wondering if anyone else has gone through this I guess and if this is common practice?
The dr did tell her that he could go home on Saturday, how he knows that already though I don't get?

Fierce Mama 1 child; Houston, Texas 74725 posts
Aug 7th '08

Spinal taps are never routine.....

I ♥ My EMT 16 kids; Hobart, Indiana 4197 posts
Aug 7th '08
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*alyssa* Pennsylvania 12234 posts
Aug 7th '08

a fever that high in a baby under 3 months old is serious. there doing a septic work up. its normal procedure. they wanted to do one on olivia but her fever went down so i refused

ListerFIEND™ 2 kids; New York 43563 posts
Aug 7th '08

A newborn in the NICU my daughter was in had one.

He did fine!

john casey (mtka) 3 kids; Bradley, Illinois 21994 posts
Aug 7th '08

gavin had a fever that high and was admitted had a spinal tap when he was 8 weeks. with a fever that high they run every test so yes it is normal

KristenCT 3 kids; Connecticut 3090 posts
Aug 7th '08

They did a spinal tap on my nephew actually they did two cause something happened with the first he was less than a week old for both. But he was 2 months early and his lungs collapsed he is a healthy three year old now though.
It is so awful when someone so young has to go through all that

Spiderman's mommy 2 kids; Mesquite, Texas 1923 posts
Aug 7th '08

did the baby had anyother tests? blood tests?
i don't think thats a routine procedure...

i hope everything turns out fine and that it is nothing serious...

Anna_M 2 kids; Maryland 3818 posts
Aug 7th '08
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