When did you first feel your 2nd baby move? SLRhynes 3 kids; Alberta 336 posts
Aug 3rd '08

I'm pregnant withmy second baby, a lil over 14 weeks, and I'm pretty sure I can feel the baby moving. But I didn't think you could start to feel them until atleast 16 weeks, and with my first I didn't feel them til like over 19 weeks. So when did everyone else first feel movement? Or I'm starting to think that maybe I'm farther along then I think, cause my last period was very light and only like 2 days.

irish.momma.+3.5 Due March 17 (boy); 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Tucson, Arizona 3047 posts
Aug 3rd '08

I started feeling the smallest movements at 13 weeks with my 2nd. Only from the inside though. It's not too early.

SLRhynes 3 kids; Alberta 336 posts
Aug 3rd '08
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Our Baby Girl is Here! 2 kids; California 157 posts
Aug 3rd '08

With this baby I started feeling her around 13 or 14 weeks for the first time. It's not too early for you to feel your baby.

. , Richmond, VA, United States 75118 posts
Aug 3rd '08

Well I'm pregnant with my first and I started feeling the "flutters" and movements at 13/14 weeks. :]]

user banned TTC since Jan 2001; Japan 107255 posts
Aug 3rd '08
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Kate&Kids 2 kids; New York 2612 posts
Aug 3rd '08

im on number 2 and 4 months tuesday, ive got the inside lil punches now and have for about 1 week, very sparatic but there!!! :)

Angela ~ MommaDuby 33 kids; Texas 1870 posts
Aug 3rd '08

I felt this one a little before 14 weeks.

Devil Duckie 3 kids; New York 48700 posts
Aug 3rd '08

piper made herself known at 12 weeks :) 3 weeks after I got to see the lil gummibear herself on an US

OrangeMami 2 kids; Illinois 334 posts
Aug 3rd '08

I felt this one (my 3rd) at 12 weeks. I don't quite remember when I felt my second.

tigerlily 3 kids; Georgia 1830 posts
Aug 3rd '08

I was around 20 weeks before feeling my first baby move. I've felt the rest all around week 14.

Lisa ♥ [bft.fbb] 3 kids; Gosford, Australia 28510 posts
Aug 3rd '08

i felt my first at 20 weeks my second at 14 and my 3rd not till 18 weeks..
Im sure you can feel you baby honey

Michelle Snelling Due July 2; USA 2 posts
Dec 19th '10

I dont remember how far along i was with my first baby but with this little one i started feeling little flutters here and there at 12 almost 13 weeks.

Aamyrionluvs Due February 8; Leesburg, Georgia 1 posts
Aug 3rd '13

With my first son I didn't start feeling anything until 19 weeks. With my 2nd, 13 weeks I felt tiny kicks, if I put my hand on my tummy I felt a light movement

Samee Due February 5; 1 child; Lake Jackson, Texas 1869 posts
Aug 3rd '13

I'm 13 weeks and 2 days, and I swear last night when I was laying on my side, I felt the little flutters.

Could have been gas, but it was definitely a different feeling. So I guess it could be this early.