is it bad to breath in skunk smell? MrS. Jacobs 17 kids; California 753 posts
Aug 1st '08

well this morning at 3 in the morning my dogs got a skunk this is the 3rd one.. well this time they ran in the house and laid in my bedroom floor, my whole house smells like skunk!! i dont know what to do! is it bad that im breathing that smell in??? its so bad.. way worst than what you smell when its outside....

Runαwαy Slave 1 child; New Orleans, Louisiana 65504 posts
Aug 1st '08

I'm sure you'll be fine.

barker2ash 1 child; Cairo, Egypt 1418 posts
Aug 1st '08
Quoting MrS. Jacobs:
katie813** NRC** 2 kids; New Jersey 7112 posts
Aug 1st '08

My dog got sprayed by a skunk years ago and it was a good 2 months before that friggen smell was gone outta the house. A fresh skunk spray is so disgusting I rather smell a dead skunk on the road. I doubt it can be any harm. Just stinky. And the dog that got sprayed in the eyes and face was whining at the door a few weeks later when she smelled another skunk. What a goofy dog.

Account deletion SHOULD e 1 child; Arizona 2625 posts
Aug 1st '08

No we smell them all the time out near my house and Im ok so far lol plus my bfs mom got sprayed when she was prego and stunk for days and ricky turned out fine I think :)

newmomstacy Due August 14; 17 kids; Texas 1070 posts
Aug 1st '08

You can bathe them in tomato juice & it will help get rid of that smell!

jvnfskjlgadfueaklnczkl 2 kids; Virginia 53835 posts
Aug 1st '08

haha, you are fine.

Dean Spencer Japan 1 posts
Jun 26th '12
Quoting newmomstacy:" You can bathe them in tomato juice & it will help get rid of that smell!"

Actually, that's an old wives' tale. The chemicals in skunk spray are oil-based and can be removed with something acidic. The best things to use are white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Tomato juice does nothing. Please learn your facts before giving someone advice on a subject which you know nothing about. You could do more harm than good. Thanks.