Rinn Andrey Mississippi 1 posts
Mar 5th '12

Hi everybody, I hope no one minds how long this post is, but I really wanted to share this beautiful article. I think it can really comfort all those strong women out there who are being so brave. Don't ever give up, you are not alone!

I Lost My Unborn Baby

MONDAY, April 10, 2000, was a warm and sunny day, so I set out to do some errands. I was just entering the second trimester of pregnancy, and although I did not feel very energetic, I was happy to be outdoors. Then, while waiting in the checkout line at a grocery store, I had the feeling that something was wrong with me.

My fears were confirmed when I got home. I was bleeding

alice1 Japan 1 posts
Apr 4th '12

This thread has really helped me. I was 16 weeks pregnant, and lost my baby, just yesterday. It was such an unexpected and devastating thing to happen, but some of these comments has really made me feel a lot better. I will never forget my little darling, and as i was obsessed with Japanese names, my mum has bought a small Japanese tree which i have planted in my front garden, just to remember what i could have had. i have had a lot of support from friends and family, but none of them really know how it feels. i never thought i could miss something this much that i never truly had. it was the middle of the night when i woke up with pain, but half asleep i didnt think much of it, until it got stronger. i screamed for my mum and they took me to hospital, it was a horrific experience. i was also told that it had probably stopped developing in the last couple of weeks because it was slightly smaller than it should have been, which broke my heart even more. i had only in the last few days told my brothers & my grandparents, but to know that while i was exciting them with the news of a new baby, it was infact already dead hurt me even more. i want to thank everyone who has posted any quotes and verses, as it has made me realise that no matter what, my baby is always going to be here xx

Eikram Audlas Japan 1 posts
Apr 7th '12
Quoting Tabitha R:" A Different Child poem by Pandora MacMillian People notice There's a special glow around you. ... [snip!] ... lost, You will tell them With great compassion, "I know how you feel. I'm only here Because my mother tried again.""
zeni Norwalk, California 1 posts
Apr 11th '12

I just recently lost my baby in january 27 2012 it took me a while to except it and its still so hard but the quotes are helping me deal with it even tho its very hard I would of been 5 or 6months pregnant right now...its very hard.

Apr 11th '12

I just recently lost my baby in january 27 2012, i was 5 weeks its been very hard on me, the quotes have helped, its just hard to remember i lost what i have most wanted...i love my angel baby, but i just don't under stand why it had to happen...:(:(

Liz{Tristens Mommy} 17 kids; Hickory, North Carolina 1 posts
Apr 14th '12

I lost my baby yesterday on Friday 13th 2012

B-Baby 1 child; 1 angel baby; CARROLLTON, Virginia 1869 posts
Apr 15th '12
Quoting Mrs.Rachael - 37 weeks:" "An Angel in the book of life wrote down my baby's birth. And whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful ... [snip!] ... your heart a hug. So daddy don't looks so sad and momma please don't cry. I'm in the arms of Jesus and he sings me lullabies!""

omg these are awesome i couldnt help but bawl when i read them expecially the tiny footprnints..

michelle30411 Dunfermline, United Kingdom 1 posts
Jun 13th '12

i have had 5 misscarriages the most recent was last week, i also have a little boy whos 1 and just found out he has some sort of damage to his brain. im struggling to keep my head above water and feel like everything is against me. i have been reading some of the quotes and everyone of them touched my heart. i know my angels are watching me wishing me to be strong for their just not sure which direction to turn. my family dont know everything and im sure they would be supportive but it hurts them just as much everytime i need to tell them we lost another angel. i dont even know where to start to pick myself back up. so babies if your listening mummy needs your help.xxxxx

** 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Conway, Arkansas 3579 posts
Jun 14th '12

I lost my baby almost 6 weeks ago and foundout today.. thankyou for the posts. This is the hardest thong I think I've ever gone through.

zazhardy Darlington, United Kingdom 6 posts
Jul 25th '12

thank you soo many fealing that i couldnt put in to words and i have found them here.

my love for my children so much and miss them every day i wish that they were still with me but i know that my love is all they need and one day i will be with them again. x

hLyne TTC since Dec 2011; 16 kids; Massachusetts 2 posts
Aug 2nd '12

these quotes and verses are so true! they have me crying, its coming up on the 4 year anniversary of my sons death on aug 12th and it still hurts just as much as the day it happened i was 16 weeks and young but i loved my son with the most passion i have ever known, thank you to those who have found these amazing poems... they are sad but comforting

Edith Ebarb Due March 14; Japan 1 posts
Aug 31st '12

<blockquote><b>Quoting Kyliesaurus♥Roaaaar:</b>" Its not just about miscarriage but i belive it works just the same. it made me feel better. What Makes ... [snip!] ... Though some on earth may not realise until their time is done, Remember all the love you have, And you ARE a special mum!"</blockquote>

Pd MacMillan Japan 1 posts
Sep 16th '12

I am Pandora Diane MacMillan* (formerly Waldron), author of the poem, "A Different Child" written on March 4, 1999, which you have posted to your web site. My poem was originally posted to the Canadian SPALS mailing list - Subsequent Pregnancy After a Loss and follows the SPALS Guidelines regarding mutual support, tolerance and diversity. I would encourage you to read the SPALS guidelines and if you are still trying to become pregnant or know a friend or relative in this situation, you would refer her to the SPALS web site.

This poem was written to tell Madoka Marietta Rosalie about the sister, Rhiannon Roxane, she will never meet, and to tell her how much she is loved and wanted. It is dedicated to Madoka Marietta Rosalie Waldron, and to all children whose parents will always miss...A Different Child.

The poem also appears on FictionPress That copy of the poem states: "Dedicated to all who have lost a child and given birth to another much loved baby."

I would appreciate it if your copy of the poem would credit me as the author and include my original dedication with its postscript:

"------for Madoka Marietta Rosalie, from your mother,
Pandora Diane Waldron*--------March 4, 1999.

Remembering, with love, and not with sadness,
our Special Angel, Rhiannon Roxane,
who left this world 2 years ago today."

There are some other errors in the re-posting of my poem which have occurred on some web sites:

A Different Child is not just the title, it is the first line of the poem, as follows:

"A different child,
People notice
There's a special glow around you."

These lines refer to the new healthy baby who was born, not to the other different child, who passed away. However, the phrase "a different child" also later on refers to the child who was lost:

"A different child
Who was in their hopes and dreams."

In other words, in the historical manner of poetry, "a different child" has more than one meaning.

The last lines refer to the healthy baby grown up and able to offer comfort to another mother or father who is grieving. I actually met a young woman and a young man who said these compassionate words to me when I was grieving and partly through their words of hope, I tried again and had a successful pregnancy.

If my words can bring joy, hope or comfort to others, it is in this way that I continue to honour the legacy of Rhiannon Roxane. Let your child's memory be a living one, sharing the love you gave with others, and not a cold piece of stone.

This then was the intention of my poem. It was never intended to be a political or religious statement. If you have associated my poem with political or religious views, I would respectfully request that you remove my poem from your web site or any associated web sites which espouse religious or political viewpoints.

Yours sincerely,

(Ms.) Pandora Diane MacMillan

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Nov 19th '12
Quoting _Celeste:" I've been reading and re-reading this topic for a couple months now. I lost my baby back in February, ... [snip!] ... babies are playing together in heaven! God bless.<3 P.s. Sorry this is so long, I just needed to vent on this important day."

hi i am now going through the same thing (16 and m/c)

((-We Did It!-)) 1 child; 1 angel baby; Iowa 659 posts
Nov 21st '12
Quoting Kyliesaurus♥Roaaaar:" Its not just about miscarriage but i belive it works just the same. it made me feel better. What Makes ... [snip!] ... Though some on earth may not realise until their time is done, Remember all the love you have, And you ARE a special mum!"

This is one of the only things I read over and over after my miscarriage a few years ago. I just read it again and it instantly brought tears.