How does Mirena work? Amy! 2 kids; Bakersfield, California 7351 posts
Jul 24th '08

Not another Mirena question!!!!
This may be a really stupid question, but I guess I'm not savvy on the wide world of birth control.
Am I correct that the IUD's like Mirena, don't allow fertalized eggs to be implanted in to the uterine wall? Is that how it works? Or does it also have hormones that prevent you from ovulating?

Then, a moral question..... for all of you against abortion- how do you feel about this? Do you believe that it's wrong because the egg could be fertalized?

I'm just trying to make up my own mind about this one.... I was considering it, but I just want to get some more info... Thanks

Aggie♥Mom Cypress, TX, United States 28393 posts
Jul 24th '08

it works because it makes you bleed forever and cramp and it takes away your sex drive. LMAO. I hated mirena.

ETs Momz Breezies 1 child; 4449 posts
Jul 24th '08

please tell me mirena is not the 10 yr

Aggie♥Mom Cypress, TX, United States 28393 posts
Jul 24th '08
Quoting fukuana:
Akeema 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Kissimmee, FL, United States 6824 posts
Jul 24th '08

It shreads the inside of your utaris and causes eeggs to just not be able to plant them selves. However in some cases it will stop your period alltogeather t honestly depends on what your body does. I have a flyer about it ask your dr they can give you one it's full of information.

ETS: I'm against aborting but concidering this because while yes the egg could have been firtalized but on this it's not. Like a chicken egg that could have been a baby chick had it been firtalized.

♥speechless 3 kids; North Battleford, Saskatchewan 3571 posts
Jul 24th '08

mirena lets off small doses of progesterone (sp?) which thins the uterus walls which help reduce the chances of a fertilized egg implanting it also blocks the sperm from going into the fallopian tubes so they can't fertalize the eggs.

Sheldon 17 kids; Clemmons, North Carolina 1549 posts
Jul 24th '08

According to the pamplet they gave me, they aren't sure how it works lol. It may stop the release of your egg from your ovary, it blocks the sperm, and makes the lining of your uterus thin.

♥speechless 3 kids; North Battleford, Saskatchewan 3571 posts
Jul 24th '08

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Amy! 2 kids; Bakersfield, California 7351 posts
Jul 24th '08

thanks, I'll check it out

minerva10 Oregon 1 posts
Jun 22nd '10

I have 2 kids and I have had 2 mirenas. the only reason why i even wanted it was because kids are so expensive. i love my kids, i hate birth control especially mirena, and kids are expensive so ive found myself in a tough situation. ive been researching mirena a lot and what ive found is that it has been developed over a long long time, and what i am about to say migh be offensive and disturbing, but i feel like i should share my knowledge because this is why im getting mine removed regardless of how expensive kids are.
mirena was created by bayer, we all know bayer right? bayer is the cover name for i.g. farben which was the pharmaceutical company that did experiments on jews in auschwitz in the holocaust. after the russians invaded and the s.s. went to prison, i.g. farben changed its name to bayer basically. what they did was experiment on female jews to make them sterile, but still be able to function. of course, all of the women they experimented on died, but like i said, they have been working on this for ever. and birth control is bayers specialty, not aspirin or ibuprofin.
if you don't believe me, just go to the mirena website and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and lo and behold the bayer cross is there. If its still not enough for you just look up i.g. farben and bayer and you can do your own reseach.
mirena caused me to have a miscarraige. luckily my second child is perfectly healthy, but i want to get this thing removed. my sex drive is withering away and im only 21.
i guess reguardless of the nazi history of mirena and bayer, mirena might stll be good for some people.
just sharing the knowledge.

f0xxyb17 Virginia 1 posts
Aug 10th '11

Actually Mirena works a little different from an regular IUD, which is a device that is inserted in the uterus, causing fertilized embryo to not implant. The Mirena is a hormone based birth control like birth control pills which used hormones to keep you from getting pregnant.

The IntraUterine System or IUS is a hormonal contraceptive device that is placed in the uterus. An IUS has a hormone cylinder that releases a progestin (progestogen) called levonorgestrel. The only brand currently available is the T-frame LNG-20 IUS, marketed as Mirena Coil by Schering Health and Berlex Laboratories.

The term IUS is used in the United Kingdom to distinguish the hormonal intrauterine contraceptive from copper-based Intrauterine device - IUDs. In the United States, all intrauterine contraceptives are referred to with the term IUD.[1]

How does the system work?

Scientists believe that intrauterine contraceptives work in many ways, all of which are not fully understood.
Research suggests that contraceptives placed inside the uterus work mainly by preventing fertilization, interfering
with the normal development of the egg and the sperm

AmandaMB 2 kids; Denham Springs, Louisiana 360 posts
Aug 10th '11

I currently have the mirena and am seriously thinking of having it removed. I have had it since april. The breakouts are horrible, I am constantly cramping and spotting, I have no sex drive whatsoever, and I am constantly pmsing. I also cannot lose weight and constatnly craving stuff to eat.

zanzibar Japan 1 posts
Aug 5th '13

It also prevents implantation of the embryo in the uterus, if conception took place.