Bronchopneumonia Dee♡ 2 kids; 1 angel baby; .., IN, United States 6093 posts
Sep 30th

So bronchitis has been making the rounds in our household. Very Sad
First, me. Then, DS1. Last Monday, I picked up DS2 from daycare and he was warm and lethargic with a nasty cough. Knowing two of us had already had bronchitis, I took him in to urgent care. Dr said start of bronchitis, but listed bronchopneumonia in his chart. He’s on a 10-day treatment of amoxicillin 3x a day. I’ve been giving it to him morning, noon, and night. We’re about halfway done. He’s had no fever since, and usually does well during the day. He still hasn’t pretty bad coughing fits at night, though, and they seem to have gotten worse sounding. DS1 was only on a 5 day treatment of arithromycin once a day (amox allergy), and he seemed to be a lot better by day 3. I’m getting a little antsy with DS2.

If you’ve dealt with bronchitis/bronchopneumonia in your kids, did it take a bit to start clearing up? Any tips to help the nighttime coughing? 


SomeMommy 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Chicago, IL, United States 73264 posts
Oct 1st

It can take like 2-4 weeks to really clear up even with meds. Sometimes at night, if you can prop them up a bit more with extra pillows, it helps with the nighttime cough and I think getting a humidifer might help too. Do you have a breathing treatment? Those help a lot with my one who has dealt with brochitis and asthma a lot. I would suggest that if you do treatments, do them an hour or so before bedtime.