Disneyland!!! Jess081316 3 kids; Spokane Valley, WA, United States 856 posts
Jul 12th

Hello ladies! We are going on our first family vacation beginning of September to Disneyland / Legoland. I am really going to try hard and not overpack because I don't want to deal with traveling with a bunch of crap LOL. Is there anything specific that I should bring? I already have some basic things good walking shoes, kids water bottles, lanyards. Is there anything you used a lot, or wish you would have had? I appreciate any tips, tricks and advice! 

Michael Myers Due May 27 (boy); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; visalia, CA, United States 3541 posts
Jul 12th

Snacks, I suggest going to the dollar store and packing a little backpack full. It keeps the kids quiet for a little while in the lines. Pens and autograph books, I also suggest buying them at the dollar store. Take advantage of fast passes. For food, find the carts with turkey legs. A turkey leg is $10 and fed our 2 kids, my husband and I. So we bought that a few times. Also the refreshment corner on Mainstreet has a secret menu item I love called "the firefly" Its a frito boat with jalapenos for 1.99 just ask for it without jalapenos if you don't like them. We bought that a ton of times as well. The best rides in my opinion are The pirates of the carribean, the haunted mansion, indiana jones, its a small world, and if you're into roller coasters space mountain. If you're going to be there at night, definitely bring jackets. Watch the firework show, its so worth it. ALL Lines die out around 11 until closing, so i suggest a nap around 2-6 rest rest rest. So you can last if you're planning to stay late. IMO I think it dies out because locals with year round passes go during the day and go home after fireworks. We've been going to Disneyland for 5 days every December for 3 years now. We love Disneyland lol Hope this helps a bit, if you have any questions ask. OH and download the Disneyland app, it gives you line times for all of the park and you can upload the free photopasses they give you when you take pictures. the pics are free on the app but you have the option to buy them. Have fun!! Im excited for you!

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Jul 12th

It's really hot here so pack shorts 
I had passes for a long time and I love it there. Try to enjoy the scenery as much as you can ♡