Wedding Party a day after yes or no? mom2princesses 3 kids; NY, NY, United States 1940 posts
May 13th

Ok so I have been separated for over 2yrs and legally divorced for almost 2yrs. My now fianceé and I have lived together a few months and have now decided to make it official and get married. Unfortunately since I was married through Church already I cannot have a religious ceremony. We are however getting legally married and having a party of about >200 people. A nice reception hall with dancing, music and food. No traditions though other than us having our first day. The thing is we are pretty torn. We don't want to wait to long nor rush the party either since now we have a baby and well I have 3 other kids. So we are deciding on marrying early next yr but in Mexico since my family can't cross. We would have to get married early that morning only with a few direct family members or the day before. The town we live in has no nice outdoor places so more than likely it would have to be at the court and then the wedding that night. Since the place I really want to do it in is 2 hrs away, it would be to rushed he says, if we do it the same day. Other option would be to get married the day before at the japanese tea garden with only close relatives and have the party the next day in Mexico. We are torn. This is so.complicated as it is since it will be my second wedding and his first and since no religious traditions can be done. Any advice would be appreciated.

mom2princesses 3 kids; NY, NY, United States 1940 posts
May 13th