Question jess_Hunter 1 child; California 1724 posts
Apr 14th

I just have a question, my syster little girl is two years and four months and she is still nursing her, now she says that she wants to wean her, so she is starting to reduce the nursing times. However, in the past she never tried to give her any formula or milk. So now the little girl does not want to take any milk or formula, have you had the same problem? I am kind of concerned because the pedi says that she needs to have some milk. Is just something temporary? or is there a way that you can give her milk with something else? I appreciate your advice thanks

bia. ., ., Portugal 102486 posts
Apr 14th

A 2yr old doesn't need formula at all, I wouldn't want milk either if breast milk was the only fluids I had, had for so long...just keep offering the cows milk, she'll take it if she keeps offering it instead of the b**b.

.casper. 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Neverland, NJ, Christmas Island 2010 posts
Apr 14th

I wouldn’t bother with formula. What is she offering the cows milk in? I don’t recommend a bottle, but more a cup or even a cup with a straw. It’s possible it’s what she is offering it in more than what’s in the cup if that makes sense.
there are other ways of getting milk into them. Cereal with milk, porridge, yogurts, rice pudding, cheese, milkshake, smoothies. Lots of options. Just Don’t offer yogurts, milkshakes etc that are full of sugar.
also, don’t make a big deal about her having to drink the milk, because that will more than likely make her refuse it more. Just put it in a cup, leave it on the side for her or offer it to her with a snack such as a biscuit. If she doesn’t drink it, don’t make a big deal out of it. Just take it away and try offering it again the next day.