Autism and affection? *~KeLz~* United States 362 posts
6 days ago

Is it possible for a toddler with autism to be affectionate? His speech therapist suspected possible autism becaise he is non verbal at 2.5 so i found a child therapist in my town and all she said was i wanna say no because he is affectionate but u should still get him tested. So i finally found one 2.5 hours away to assess him. Im really hoping for some relief. He is showing all signs of autism.
Non-verbal, doesnt respond to his name, will cover his ears during meltdown and randomly, headbangs  and slaps during meltdown, picky eater (prefers certain textures), gets up 3-4x a night, tends to go off and play by himself instead of with others, likes to be upside down alot and even rocked to sleep at an angle.. 

Cat.Woman. 2 kids; Gotham City, PA, United States 9401 posts
status 6 days ago

Children with autism can def show affection. It has such a wide range of symptoms. 

I hope you can get the correct diagnosis and whatever interventions may be needed!  

Royal_Lux United States 2629 posts
6 days ago

Disappointing to hear a child therapist exclaiming no, due to being affectionate. I hope this wasn’t a therapist that specializes in children development? Autism spectrum is very broad, more and more children fall under the spectrum these days. Yes, a child can be affectionate and be on the spectrum. A child, can also be verbal and on the spectrum. 

Id go with your gut instincts, look into best resources to ultimately help your child. Early intervention is key! :)

mommy to josue 1 child; Texas 66 posts
5 days ago

I would talk to your pediatrician. They can refer you to a specialist and get him help for it if he is diagnosed.

Mom*of*3 ♡ 3 kids; 1 angel baby; United States 74 posts
3 days ago

Children with autism can absolutely be affectionate, my 4 yr old is extremely affectionate, concerning at times because he will run right up to strangers and try to jump in their arms or lap. And trying to teach him "stranger danger" is just so hard, his 6yr old sister yells at him for just going up to anyone.