Potty training Mum of one Due May 16; 2 kids; United Kingdom 227 posts
Mar 9th

Need some advice! My little girl is 2 1/2 and I have potty trained her last week and she is totally dry day and night. The problem has started trying to get her to use the potty or toilet to poo. She has held it in till she ended up constipated and im now using lactulose as told by doctor, this has made her have a bowel movement but its now more of a fear of going and continuing to hold it in rather than actual constipation! Any tips I could use to try make using the potty or toilet less scary so she will use it? I don't wanna physically hold her to the toilet till she goes which has been suggested to me before

Cake and Cats 1 child; Virginia 964 posts
Mar 11th

Take her in the bathroom with you when you go, make a big deal out of that you went clap, sing, dance around, maybe a reward like stickers or a fruit snack. It will take a little bit but it will help her with the fear of going.